Trevor & Paisley

Hello and thanks for taking the time to learn about us. We hope to learn about your journey too. We admire your love and strength in considering adoption. Paisley often works with non-profits serving young pregnant students and we’ve always been impressed with their bravery. We want you to know that your baby has been a priority for us from the very beginning when Trevor proposed marriage & adoption. Both our extended families have adopted members, and we met at a children’s museum working with children born to others, so it’s a natural fit for us. As former co-teachers, we’re thrilled about becoming parents and sharing our passion for learning and exploring the world. Your child would be the first grandchild in a close-knit family of teachers & singers who are beyond excited to welcome a new member. We promise whenever we celebrate this child’s accomplishments, we will remind them their original strength comes from you.

About Trevor & Paisley

We met teaching at Pretend City Children’s Museum on Halloween 2011. Dressed as Rainbow Brite and Farmer McDonald, that day we created ceramic castles with children and went on to build an art-filled life together. Paisley is a UCLA trained painter/ceramicist and Trevor, a grad of San Francisco State, is a graphic artist so we both love making art. We’re so in synch, we once sculpted each other the exact same ‘surprise’ Christmas gift and couldn’t stop laughing. Our favorite memories as a a couple include traveling to Paisley’s childhood hometowns in Asia and our backyard wedding reception.

About Paisley

As a diplomat’s daughter growing up in 5 different countries, Paisley thought learning about different cultures was the purpose of life. Honestly, as an international arts & architecture teacher in Santa Ana & Compton she kinda still does! She’s committed to raising a child who is grounded in their own heritage, but knows and loves cultures from around the world. As an early childhood teacher, she has helped many children learn to read and connect with art from different cultures so she can’t wait to experience those life stages with our future child! She has shifted into contract teaching, giving her flexibility to be at home for those precious early years. Paisley’s excited to explore frozen popsicle paint with our future toddler and to learn the letter “O” from Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” ringtoss. Trevor is sure she’ll be a magical Mom who turns homework assignments into fascinating adventures.

About Trevor

Trevor sang and danced his way through childhood with his musical theater star mom in San Diego. After graduating from college, he traveled throughout Europe & the Middle East working as an international camp counselor, teaching film and set design to kids from different countries. Now, running his own graphic design business, Trevor has a flexible schedule, which will let him coach kids basketball again (He is 6’ 5”!) and attend school concerts. In his free time, he repairs vintage Nintendo games and bikes with friends. He’s looking forward to playing with our future child at our local “Atlantis”- themed toddler water park & building Lego robots when they’re older.

Our Home

We live in a quiet suburb between two of Southern California’s best beloved theme parks — Disneyland & Knotts’ Berry Farm. A 30 min drive connects us to the beach or Los Angeles arts events! Living on a quiet cul-de-sac where kids safely bike in the street and attend excellent public schools, we’ve grown close to several cross cultural families with children. Our friendly community of East Asian, Latino, Pacific Islander, Black, and South Asian neighbors all come together to share gardening and home repair advice. Our friends’ kids love Trevor’s Nintendo gaming room and Paisley’s studio full of paints, Montessori games, clay, and finger puppets. Our home is so inviting, a neighborhood cat insisted on moving in! Nandor loves cuddling, playing ball and jumping with crickets. She joins our nightly walks and neighborhood kids love to walk along and pet her.

Our Family

All our parents live nearby and can’t wait to celebrate Christmas with their 1st grandchild! We alternate hosting Thanksgiving and Paisley’s family rings in the Lunar New Year in Chinatown with lion dance & gyoza that remind them of their Taiwan years. Trevor’s cousin Elise and husband Ramon, visit each year when his large family vacations at Disney. They just had a baby as did Paisley’s cousin, so we’re excited for our kids to Disney together and to spend some cousin Christmases in Idaho enjoying snow and family tamale-making traditions.

Our Traditions

We celebrate lots of traditions. Some of Trevor’s cousins are Jewish so we like cooking latkes & playing dreidel each Hannukah with friends. Since Paisley grew up in Okinawa with summers in Hawaii, we love the chance to celebrate Asian Pacific Islander heritage, enjoying Okinawan soba & sanshin music. We also celebrate Dia de Los Muertos, remembering our dearly departed’s favorite foods in our ofrenda and painting sugar skulls. Paisley’s midwest cousins and aunts and uncles meet up most years in Idaho or California to explore nature & hike together.

Looking Forward

As you can tell, we want to offer your child lots of diverse cultural experiences like Paisley enjoyed growing up overseas. We will make it a priority for your child to feel connected with their birth culture and surrounded by an international circle full of diverse and loving aunts, uncles and friends. We promise to teach your child that they are loved by us and you exactly as they are. We will support and celebrate their unique identity and interests everyday and encourage them to see that the world is wide and worth exploring. Finally we promise to encourage them to respect diverse cultures, art, books and standards of beauty and to know that they can use their voice to stand up for themselves and others. We are open to letters, photos, or planned visits if you are comfortable. Thanks for reading our profile. We look forward to getting to know you.

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