Parent and Family Resources

In our commitment to children and their families, we’ve designed our services to support parental competence and confidence, build knowledge and restore communication, thereby strengthening parent-child relationships.

Reflective Parenting Group

Reflective Parenting Group is an innovative 10-week workshop that provides parents with a model that helps them view their children’s behavior as meaningful. The group focuses on temperament, discipline, emotional regulation, and developing an understanding of the thoughts and feelings that underlie your interactions with your child.

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Keeping Kids First

Keeping Kids First recognizes that parental separation is a painful process for all family members, and that a child’s adjustment to parental separation, divorce, or co-parenting can vary greatly. This psychoeducational program offers divorcing parents steps to minimize the negative impact on their children by keeping them first in mind.

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Parent Support and Education Group

Parent Support and Education Group is a court approved certificate program and community based resource for parents and guardians to learn and practice skill sets that may be more effective in promoting family functioning, communication and cohesiveness. Participants are encouraged to discuss their family experiences in a confidential, non-judgmental atmosphere.
Disclaimer: The opinions and suggestions shared in the group are from personal experiences and not necessarily the view or suggestion of Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services.

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