Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services



VDM envisions a community where all children and families are equipped and prepared to live productive, fulfilling lives.

Annual Report 2020-2021

As we look back on the past year, we do so with gratitude, pride, and a sense of accomplishment. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to present new challenges to families and organizations around the world. We are pleased to report that Vista’s talented and dedicated leadership team has skillfully navigated our beloved organization through the rough seas. Vista has approached every challenge head on, driven by our unwavering commitment to the children and families we serve.

Vista View Summer-Fall 2021

As we come out of the pandemic, many of us of spent the last year and a half reviewing our priorities and what is important. More than once I have heard from many that say that this time has been spent learning how important family, friends, and health are to all of us. Many of us have had to adapt to a new way of existing to meet the needs of our families. At Vista this has been no different. During our long history, Vista has had to adjust and transform itself to meet the needs of the community. This time I was able to have a front row seat to that transformation as we shifted to meet the needs of those, we serve in a different way almost overnight.

Vista Del Mar HomeSAFE Early Head Start

HomeSAFE Early Head Start Annual Report 2021

• 216 Children Served
• 24 Pregnant Clients Served
• 184 Families Served

• 145 Children Served
• 127 Families Served


At Vista we are doing it one family at a time

Annual Report 2019-2020

Vista, now 112 years old, continues to provide top-notch mental health care for more than 5,000 families each year.


Vista View Fall-Winter 2019-2020

Vista’s 111-year history of serving the community continues to this very moment as we work with troubled teens and families struggling with a child with a mental illness. Each day we witness small miracles and, despite economic challenges to social services, they remind us why Vista is here. Vista’s history is also present in the longevity of its support from board members and friends, many of whom have been connected to Vista for decades. Few community agencies are fortunate to have such committed support, year after year, in good times and bad.


The Vista View Summer/Fall 2018

For more than a century, Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services has served the changing needs of our community by providing high-quality, therapeutic treatment programs to generations of children and their families. Today, Vista offers a comprehensive range of social and psychological services that includes residential treatment, individual and family counseling, educational and vocational services, early childhood intervention, domestic and international adoption, state-of-the-art programs for children on the autism spectrum, and transitional programming for youth 18- 22 years of age.