My name is Stephanie and I live in sunny Los Angeles, California. Thank you for taking the time to read this statement and I hope to speak with you soon.

About Stephanie

I work as a Child Psychologist and Marriage and Family Therapist in a setting with underserved children. Many of the children I work with have special needs and suffer from trauma. I have a large family that is originally from Louisiana, which means we like to get together for special occasions and holidays to cook. My sister has 5 children and my cousins, who are like siblings, all have lots of children as well. Being with my family is very important to me and I love being an aunt. I have always wanted children of my own and I have been on this adoption journey for a while now. While I enjoy being an aunt and helping to care for my nieces and nephews, I would love to be a mother as well.

God has truly blessed me with opportunities to help other mothers and their children. I have an overwhelming abundance of love to give, as well as a stable home and family, who are very supportive. I enjoy traveling, hiking and going to the beach and I would love to have a child to share those experiences with. I envision a life with a child of my own that I can take to museums, wildlife parks, and to various countries across the world to experience new things. My first year of college was spent in England and it was the best educational experience. I am a big advocate of education and plan to provide a lot of educational experiences for a child. This journey has been a blessing for me and I hope to be a blessing to your family. I have included some pictures for you that will give you a sense of who I am. I look forward to speaking with you and possibly meeting with you soon!



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