Sam & Joel

Dear Birth Parents,

We’re grateful and thankful for you taking the first step in getting to know us. We are looking forward to becoming parents and we hope this introduction gives you a sense of how much we want to welcome a child into our family. A family that’s full of love and support.

About Sam & Joel

We first met in Sydney, Australia at a work event in 2015. Joel was working for Disney and Sam was working as a television producer and it was love at first sight. Ever since we’ve been best friends, travelled the world together, laughed, and listened to great music. We have been together for 8 years and got married in 2019 at a wonderful ceremony with 100 of our closest family and friends. A few years ago, we became permanent residents of the United States, and moved to Los Angeles, California for an exciting new adventure. Sam has a job at a TV network and Joel works in streaming media. We love our lives in America, own our home, and can’t wait to provide a stable and loving life for a child.

Our Home:

We live in a very safe, suburban neighborhood in Los Angeles. Our tight-knit neighborhood is full of tree-lined streets and lots of other families. We live in walking distance to a library, an amazing park with a playground, and a frozen yogurt store. We chose our area because it has some of the best schools in California. We have a great fenced-in yard that is grassed and has a big garden. This will be an amazing safe space for our child’s first few years, and we can’t wait to play and create amazing memories in our home.

About Joel (By Sam):

Joel is the most amazing husband, and I can’t want to see him become a father. He is amazing with kids and all our nieces and nephews love him. He is funny, kind and always keeps the car very clean! Joel is always there to help friends when they need him, and he makes the best lasagna. Growing up in Australia, Joel loves the beach and we you’ll find us there frequently during the summer.

About Sam (By Joel):

Sam is funny, filled with joy and brings love wherever he goes. He is very social and always organizes our family traditions. He is patient and caring and I know he is going to be an amazing parent. Sam loves gardening and cooks us healthy meals with vegetables he’s grown himself. Sam loves the holidays and at Christmas always goes over the top decorating the house.

Our Family:

Family is the most important thing. We have very supportive family and friends. There is a history of adoption in our family, and continuing this would be a special moment for us. Between us we have seven nieces and nephews. We love all getting together for the holidays. We have family reunions where we all travel together, share stories, and create new memories. We look forward to sharing these traditions with a child and we know they will be part of a loving family.

Our Favorite Things:

Playing with our dog – hiking – swimming – reading a new book – exploring new towns – making homemade pizzas, a Friday night tradition – movie nights – picnics

A Message to You:

We cannot thank you enough for taking the time to hear about our story and our excitement to become parents. We promise you we will always keep your baby safe and provide them an amazing future fill of love.

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