Melinda & Adam

Adam & Melinda Introduction:

Hi! We are very excited to be introducing ourselves to you and to share a bit about our little family. Our names are Adam and Melinda (Melly) and we live in Sherman Oaks, California with our King Charles Spaniel, Luca (7). Adam is 5’9 with a slender/athletic build, brown eyes, and black hair. Melly is 5’6 with an athletic build, green eyes, and brown hair. Adam works in film production and Melly works in finance. We have been together for nine years and married for seven. We love the beach, mountains, and outdoor activities, so we moved from New York City (where we met in 2014) to Los Angeles in August of 2017. Adam’s father has lived out here for over 40 years, and we love having him over for Sunday family dinners and games of Rummikub!

About Melinda & Adam

We both work from home and love to spend time at the house and in our yard with Luca. We moved to Sherman Oaks for a good school system and more space, so our child and the pup can enjoy the backyard together. Melly loves Pilates, skiing, gardening and can be found on the couch most evenings snuggling the pups. Adam enjoys boxing lessons, teaching himself bass guitar, and is a devoted cyclist frequently riding the Malibu canyons with his riding team. He is also a classical singer and has spent most of his life singing with choral ensembles in New York and now in Los Angeles. We are homebodies who love to explore new restaurants and travel overseas when we are able.

Melly was raised with Christian beliefs and holidays and Adam practices Nichiren Buddhism that focuses on learning to tap into our infinite potential and achieve happiness no matter what circumstances arise (though he loves Christmas as much as Melly). We participate in local volunteer programs as often as we can and love to host family and friends for holidays and gatherings.

Our family and our friends are everything to us. We both experienced what it was like to have parents who divorced and remarried while we were young. And this allowed each of us the opportunity to grow up in two loving households with two sets of fantastic parents and bonus parents, who have loved and supported us individually and now together as a family unit. We are close to our cousins like siblings, and we have a family reunion every July in Sunriver, Oregon, where we raft, bike, hike, eat, laugh, and play games together for a week. Their kids call us “Auntie Mel” and “Uncle Adam,” which we love!

We have a very happy and peaceful home. We love and respect one another and we believe in engaging in healthy dialogue to work through any issues that arise. We are excited to be expanding our family and have always wanted to be parents, knowing that we will give our child the attention, support and respect that our parents gave us. Our diverse family and friends will be a large part of our child’s life, which we hope will further encourage them to explore and decide who they are. That is not for us to decide.

We thank you very much for your consideration.

All our best,
Adam & Melly

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