Lindsay & Jason

We’re Lindsay and Jason. We may not know your name yet, but we do know this: you have a huge heart. You’re thinking about the future of your child and how to make sure that it includes the most love and care and happiness as possible. That is a true act of motherhood and one that requires strength and courage. We’re grateful that you might consider us to be in your baby’s life.
We would like nothing more than to expand our family! God gave us a deep desire to be parents. And to our delight, we learned over time that we’re meant to be parents through adoption. We adopted our son, Sebastian, with much joy in 2017

About Lindsay & Jason

We have been together more than we've been apart in our lives! We met and started dating in high school, 25 years ago, when Lindsay was assigned to edit an article Jason wrote for our school newspaper. We have been happily together ever since and married for the last 17 years. We know well each other's strengths and weaknesses and how to bring out the best in each other, and we think that helps make us good parents. Lindsay is still a journalist and Jason is a university professor. Sebastian is an enthusiastic first-grader. We’re a bilingual (English and Spanish) family and we're also practicing Catholics who, above all, strive to lead our lives with kindness and compassion.

About Lindsay, written by Jason:

When I first met Lindsay, at age 18, I thought “there’s a beautiful face!” Now, over twenty years later, I realize: “there’s a beautiful soul!” Lindsay is the humblest and kindest person I know. She is very easy to live with because it comes naturally to her to think of others first. Sebastian and I see her as a light in our lives. Sebastian adores his “Momma.” If he’s restless, she calms him. If he’s excited and playful, she celebrates with him. She always thinks about his needs before they arise: everything from homework to shoes, breakfast to time for friends. I have learned from Lindsay that love is not only (or even primarily) about emotions but a constant accompaniment of others, willing their good, helping them to be happy.

About Jason, written by Lindsay:

There is no other person in the world like Jason. He’s this incredible combination of super intelligent, warm, supportive, creative and funny. Whether he’s celebrating something I’ve worked hard on or giving me a hug on a tough day, Jason is attuned to what I need and ready to listen. He has the biggest heart of anyone I know. One of the things I love most is seeing the way he lights up when Sebastian walks into the room. He’s such a wonderfully playful dad. Building massive Lego sets? Playing hide and seek? Kicking around the soccer ball? Singing together? He’s up for it! I can’t imagine parenting without him.

About Sebastian:

Sebastian is the most loveable, curious, creative 6-year-old you’ll meet! He has had a very funny sense of humor ever since he was a baby and an incredible ability to do impressions of other people. But what we think is most unique and special about him is his deep compassion, kindness and empathy for other people — it’s something everyone who meets him comments on. He seems to have a natural intuition to want to take care of kids who are younger than him so we think he’s going to be a pretty fantastic older brother. It delights us every time when he tells us he’s “patiently waiting” for a baby brother or sister.

Our family life:

We've always known we wanted to have children. Being around kids gives us a lot of joy! We both had very happy childhoods playing outside, doing art projects, baking cookies, reading books, and playing music. As parents, we enjoy introducing a child to all of these things. We love to explore the natural beauty of LA and spend a lot of time walking on the beach nearby and going to parks. We both love to read, so nightly storytime is a big priority. We have a guitar so we can sing together. And meals together are hugely important — Lindsay loves to cook and this is a great moment of connection for our family. We also have a very strong support network here in LA with other families and their children, so even though we do not have relatives living in California, we are surrounded by friends who feel like family.

Our promise to you:

We think parents ought to raise children with kindness and patience. They should offer guidance and help children learn, but also let them find their own interests and passions. Most importantly, they must offer unconditional love and support. That's how we aim to parent. It would also be our goal to raise this child with an understanding of how deeply you love him or her. Thank you so much for considering us.

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