Frank & Jaya

Dear Birthparent

We want you to know we are here for you, not just now in this moment of decisionmaking, but throughout and beyond the adoption process. Your story and your journey are still being written. This decision you are making and the fact that you’re even considering adoption is a reflection of your selfless love for your child. That’s nothing short of inspiring. We promise to honor this love and care you have for your child as a way to continue on your legacy. To us, love is of primary importance for a deep and supportive relationship. What we can tell you, should you decide to honor us with being parents of your child, is that we will love this child fiercely, unconditionally, and always.

About Frank & Jaya

We are goofy, affectionate, and deeply committed partners. There’s not a day that goes by where you won’t find us laughing or snuggling. We met in 2007 through a mutual friend and after one conversation we have been inseparable since. What makes our relationship unique is that we have a balance of kindness and compassion with openness to engage in difficult topics. This combination leads us to deepen our love for each other over time. We both believe that with a good foundation, soulmates are something that is created and nourished over time.

About Frank from Jaya

You will never meet another person like Frank. He is one of the most intelligent people I know. Anything he sets out to do, he does well. Frank has earned two undergraduate degrees, a masters degree, and a PhD. But what truly sets him apart is that he’s one of the kindest people I have ever met. He intentionally chooses to use his education and skill towards a career to help make the world a better place. He uses data science to address social inequities, the climate crisis, and allocation of resources. He is also incredibly compassionate, gentle, and patient. He shows up for the people he loves in small everyday ways, such as making me tea in the morning, and in really big ways such as going out of his way to provide support to people in difficult times. I can’t wait for him to share his big heart with a child.

About Jaya from Frank

Jaya is the most compassionate and empathetic person I have ever met. Between friends, family, and people she works with, she has a huge heart and deeply feels what other people feel. This quality makes her both very good at her job as a psychotherapist and the glue of

our family. She’s always thinking three steps ahead to make sure everybody’s needs are met. What initially attracted me to Jaya, though, is her fascination with the world. We were in college at the time and she was super excited about studying topics that I barely knew were things that could be studied. She has always been passionate about understanding the human experience through many views, from philosophy and psychology to art history and listening to a wide variety of music. This passion for life will make her a wonderful parent, and I can’t wait to see her share it with our child.


Frank is a data scientist who gets to use his computer programming and mathematical skills to make data more accessible and usable for clients (cities, organizations, companies) to inform decision making regarding climate threats, community resources and more. He loves the creativity and problem solving aspects of his job, and the best part is he gets to work from home along with his beloved coworker- our parrot, Rocco! Jaya is a mental health therapist who supports individuals experiencing a range of challenges including trauma. Jaya loves to use a holistic perspective to support clients in making lasting strides towards well-being. Jaya also gets to work from home, allowing more time to take care of herself and family. Frank plans to adjust his schedule to spend more time with our child and Jaya plans to work part time to be able to devote more time towards parenting.


If you were to take a walk in our neighborhood you would see a green, grassy park stretching for miles, sprinkled with tennis courts, swimming pools, and play structures, all nestled in between rows of houses. We are also walking distance from the elementary and middle school our child would attend. During the day we often see families playing soccer on the grass, couples walking their dogs, and folks picnicking. Our child will get to wake up to unobstructed view of the mountains and see our welcomed yard visitors such as various birds (including owls and egrets!), bunnies, and squirrels. The best part is we are only a few minutes drive to sandy beaches, hiking trails, and grandparents. We can easily spend a day with our child exploring the tide pools, walking on scenic trails, grabbing snacks at the many eateries and landing at grandparents for some quality family time.

Interests and Hobbies

Frank and Jaya are very passionate individuals who love a range of hobbies including listening to music, making art, biking, yoga, and more. We are especially excited to share with our child our love of nature. Whether it’s through hiking, gardening, cooking, or being with animals, we love being in and around nature. One of our favorite outdoor adventures is a hike that climbs up a hill and through coastal shrubs and torrey pine trees. We have a special spot on top of the hill where we sit and eat a snack while overlooking the ocean. But our real secret to happiness is finding joy in everyday things. Sometimes we’ll put on dance music when doing dishes, or turn TV time into a movie theater event with popcorn, speakers, and fun lighting. When we are together, anything can feel like the most exciting adventure. We are hopeful to share this secret with our future child, so they can also experience joy in life no matter where they are or what they are doing.

Personal Values

To us, family is everything and gives us meaning in life. We deeply yearn for the chance to share our love, passion, and unyielding support with a child. As the years go by, adoption continues to be our first choice to grow our family because we believe family is something you create. We make sure to spend a lot of time with our family, including our beloved animals Sushi (our dog), Rocco (our bird), and Jaya’s family who live close by. We are often sharing a meal together, walking on the beach, or watching movies. They have been a constant source of support, strength, and love. We hope to surround our child with the same support and love.


We know the complexity of considering adoption is immense, and this is a journey that we may not fully understand. But we promise to provide you non-judgmental support and compassion as you navigate this. We are open to the range of possibilities for our relationship with you. We know that each birth parent's wants, desires, and situation are different and therefore are committed to finding a dynamic that supports us all. We are also open to our relationship changing and evolving over time because we understand your needs and wants might change with time. We will always be a phone call away to help you figure this out, should you want that. Whether you want little contact such as a text or email with only highlights, or you wish to be more involved and have video chats and visits, we will be there to support you because to us, you are a part of our growing family.


Life is hard for almost everyone and while we would want to protect our child from all the challenges ahead, we know that’s not realistic. We hope that even in life’s most difficult times, our child knows they are not alone. We want to empower our child to explore who they are and what they are passionate about.

In Closing

Without you, none of this would be possible. We would not be able to grow our family in this way, or have someone to share our passion, wisdom, love, and life lessons with. Regardless of the reasons that led you to adoption, we know that your choice is a reflection of selfless and immeasurable love. We will carry that love within us, not in a way that replaces you but that continues to honor your legacy.

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