#GIINGTUESDAY 2023 is on November 28th!

is on November 28th!

A cozy blanket is like a hug from the universe – it reminds you that everything will be okay.”
– Anonymous


Many of the children that are placed at Vista Haven have never experienced what it is like to sleep in a bed, know that they’ll have enough food to eat or clean water to drink that day, or wake up knowing they are safe from violence.

Vista Haven provides a temporary residency to children escaping unstable and unsafe situations from all over the world. Their time with us is their first experience in this country and we want to make their time at Vista Haven as inviting and supportive as possible.

On #GIVINGTUESDAY (November 28th), we ask for your help providing warmth and kindness in the form of a Welcome Care Kit that includes a vibrant-colored comforter of their choosing, plush towels, comforting wall art, and other personal effects.