Continued Care Amidst Crisis

During a time when there has been so much disruption to our way of life I ask myself daily, “what has remained steady?” Maybe it’s not our travel plans or our hairstyle, but where I do see continuity is where it matters most. Maintained family support at Vista Del Mar. Throughout our agency, families continue to receive the highest level of care and support during this worldwide crisis.

Here’s a timely statistic: a family’s feeling isolated and lacking a support system are two of the greatest contributors to abuse in the home. In a time of shelter-in-place orders, it is more crucial than ever to provide that support and strengthen the family dynamic. To maintain the continuity of care that our families depend on, weekly in-person visits have been substituted with interactive video conferencing sessions and tele-health services. Tele-health also allows our home care providers to facilitate treatment and abuse prevention programs for young children and their siblings at risk for child abuse and neglect.

From the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak, food insecurity was yet another challenge our most vulnerable families faced. To respond to this growing need, Vista Del Mar began an emergency food campaign, (#FeedaVistaFamily), supplying emergency food relief to Vista’s most vulnerable families. Although the need continues to grow, we have been able to help over 300 families thus far.

This is a difficult time for all of us, but thanks to the adaptability of our staff, and the generosity of our donors, we have mobilized to make a difference when it matters most. Keep up the great work everyone! We will get through this together.