Keeping Kids Busy During School Closures

The ripple effect of millions of schools closing due to a health crisis has created a sub crisis: “what do I do with my kids all day?” As a parent of two, I know that would have probably been my first question. To help ease your concerns, here are some suggestions to keep your little one learning and happy during this uncertain time.

First, set a routine. A routine is exactly what school is, and the sooner you can model that at home, the sooner children will settle into their new schedule. Use your child’s typical school day as a framework for building their day. For example, when are they used to having breakfast? Snack? Lunch? When is recess? Once those pillars are established, you can break the rest of the day into small segments, much like school does with subjects. And for homework, determine when to assign it based on your child’s individual strengths. Do they work best in the morning or afternoon?

This is just a guideline and one that you can tailor to your child’s preferences and specific needs. I hope this helps and be sure to schedule some time in for extra hand-washing.