Morgan & Rana

We admire your bravery and strength in considering an adoption plan. A big reason why we believe in open adoption is because it means that our child will always know the extraordinary choice you made. We are excited to be on the path to parenthood, and we are lucky enough to be able to offer a life to a child that is filled with opportunity and a community made up of family and friends that are diverse, educated, hardworking, artistic and fun. While we hope that you would like to keep in contact to the extent that you feel comfortable, we respect that you are on your own path, and must do what feels right for you.

About Morgan & Rana

Though we could say we were friends first, the truth is that we both fell hopelessly in love the moment we met. Three months after meeting in the spring of 2008, we moved in together. We decided to make it official, and after buying some vintage duds, we eloped on a cliff-top overlooking the Pacific Ocean on California’s central coast. We are humbled and grateful for the love we get to share, and we try never to take it for granted.

Our Home:

We’re the proud first-time homeowners of a quaint California Bungalow located in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Eagle Rock. The house was built in the 1920’s and has an immense backyard, with a large grassy area and fruit trees. It’s the perfect place to hold outdoor gatherings, read a book on a blanket, or run around and play—more like a park than a yard. We moved to Eagle Rock because it’s close to downtown and just 20 minutes from the beach, but it also offers a small town vibe, a diverse community, great schools and is surrounded by beautiful nature.

In Rána’s Words

Morgan is a good man. I couldn’t have guessed that a man so incredible was out there, and I’m eternally grateful and honored to share my life with him. He is intelligent, patient, and treats me with infinite kindness and encouragement. Even when times are difficult, Morgan remains positive, honest and determined. Morgan tells me I’m beautiful and smart every single day. He honors my opinions, and is always up to talk about anything. He is never too busy or too tired to shower Fanny and me with affection and attention. With his lean frame and long legs, he was made to ride a bicycle and rides with impressive speed and agility. I can barely keep up with him! Morgan is the best man I know, and he is also a family man. I’m always amazed and comforted by his utter devotion to me and to our life together.

In Morgan’s Words

Rána is the most committed and dedicated person I know. When she plans, she makes the perfect plan. I feel like our life is the result of her dedication to research and her commitment to planning. Rána is funny and smart. She says I’m the brains, but she always amazes me with her critical thinking and her insight. Rána is a great collaborator, she is the co-captain of our team. It’s important for her to know that when we decide to do something, it’s because we both agree that it’s the best thing to do. She takes great care in progressing through life, and although she has the instincts of a hawk, she is never hasty in making decisions. Another thing I really love about Rána is her compassion for every living creature on the

Planet. In addition to caring for others, she takes the time to care for herself through continuing her educational pursuits, exercising, and eating healthy. I love this woman.

Our Family:

We have a big extended family and a base of close friends, and are often gathering for birthdays, to celebrate the holidays, or just because. Between us, we have over 30 first cousins! We try and keep in contact with Philadelphia folks, and use Skype like it’s going out of style. Christmas is our favorite holiday because it feels like there’s no limit to how corny you can be… we dress up in red and green for family parties, watch a ton of silly holiday movies, and have a nothing-is-too-much approach to decorating and cookie-eating. We also love to dress up with our friends for Halloween and we strive to be that house that gives out the “good” candy. Fanny in her costume often steals the show. We know that we are fortunate to have a close-knit family and spectacular friends that make every occasion joyous, and we can’t wait to share that with a child.

Our Thoughts on Parenting:

We are committed to offering a life to a child that is centered on compassion and openness. We want our child to have the opportunity to explore diverse cultures, to be adventurous and creative, to have a voice and to be heard. We want our child to feel safe and respected as an individual. Education and having empathy for others are very important values to us, as are living with grace and gratitude. We both have divorced parents, so we understand what an awesome gift it is for a child to not only have two equally adoring parents, but also have a mom and dad that love one another and who are truly the best of friends.

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