John & Marie Ann

Thank You…. for the honor of consideration in being your child’s adoptive parents. We hope we have given you a glimpse as to who we are, what kind of parents we would be and the kind of family your child would be a part of. We hope to have the privilege of meeting you face to face, and for the chance to join you on this journey towards your child’s future.

About John & Marie Ann

John loves technology, anything made by Apple, science fiction, history, video games and works as a Mac computer specialist for a large entertainment company. Ann loves painting, baking, fashion, gardening and works in accounting. John is hoping to take up sailing and surfing again. Ann’s next series of paintings is going to be of the California coast- line. They both love biking, scuba diving, theme parks, photography, travel and food. Ann is trying to get John into yoga (with not much luck). They’ve been across the country and around the globe, always taking in the sites and local cuisine and usually taking pictures of both. They believe in living life to the fullest. They believe happiness is not about money, but about quality of life. They both have ambitions and goals to make their lives, and their future child’s life, the happiest it can be.

Our Home:

In 2013 we bought a home near lovely Marina del Rey. We live here with our two cuddly and loving cats Luna and Bellatrix. We are a 10 minute stroll to the beach. We are close with all our neighbors including a couple, Brandon and Ayla, who are expecting a child of their own (Ann an Ayla are already scheduling play dates). There are many great schools in our area.

Meet Ann:
I come from a very loving family. I love my Mom, My Dad,
sister, and brothers with all my heart and soul and I know they
love me the same, despite the fact that I was adopted. You see that’s the thing. I don’t think they ever see me as “adopted”. I am simply their daughter, their sister. I must confess there were times when I viewed myself as an outsider, but never due to anything they said or did. As a matter of fact my parents made sure I knew that I was never “unwanted”. They made sure I knew that my biological mother and father loved me, it was just after my mother’s passing it was too much for my father to handle. He wanted me to have a better life, BECAUSE he loved me. I want to be a mother to your child as my adoptive mother is to me, and I will always make sure that your child never feels like it doesn’t belong and make sure it knows that he/she was loved by everyone in his/her life, especially his/her biological mother. I want him/her to know that your act is the greatest act of love that could be asked of any mother.

Meet John:
Nothing makes me feel quite so happy as making a child smile. It’s like watching pure joy. The sound of a child laughing has to be my favorite sound of all. I become enraptured by a child’s sense of hope, imagination, and their belief that anything is possible. I love doing little magic tricks and watching as the child’s eyes open with absolute wonder. I’ve seen children, even in the most desperate circumstances; embrace life and find happiness in the smallest of things. It lights my heart up. Ask my friends and family, they
all say the same thing.....I’m a kid at heart. Maybe that is why I bond with children so well. I am known as “Uncle John” by almost all my friends’ children. I hope, one day, to be called “Daddy”. Should that day come I will make it my mission to fill that child’s life with as much hope, joy, happiness, wonder and love as is humanly possible. That is the life I wish to give to your child.

Our Family:

Ann has a huge and insanely close-knit family back in the Philippines along with a few relatives in the states including her Aunt and Uncle here in L.A. John has a loving mother and sister on the East Coast. Should we be blessed with a child we think we’ll be seeing A LOT more of our mothers (John’s Mom is considering moving here to California). We have friends from around the globe. We have also developed a nice circle of friends, both old and new, during our brief time here in L.A. All of our friends and family have told us many times over what great parents we will be. Everyone is so excited for us and for the wonderful family we will become, but not nearly as excited as we are. We are lucky to have so many loving people, both near and far, in our lives.


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