Jeff & Tim

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little and for considering us to be the parents to your child. We will always honor your place in your child’s life and forever be grateful for the gift you have given to us.

About Jeff & Tim

We met in 2011 and immediately knew we'd found "the one." We have common interests and we love hanging out together. We make each other laugh! Equally important, we share the same values for our family. We are an active couple that enjoys hiking, cycling, traveling and cooking. On the weekends in summer, we love to go to the beach (only 20 minutes away!) and take picnic dinners to the Hollywood Bowl for outdoor concerts. On September 5, 2015, on a sunny, Southern California summer day, we were married in Santa Monica in front of all our friends and family. As you can imagine, it was an incredible celebration and everyone danced the whole night away.

Our Home:

In 2014, we bought our dream home -- a big and bright 3-bedroom condominium in West Hollywood, CA. Our building has a grassy front yard and a gated swimming pool in the back. We live in a beautiful neighborhood with one of the best elementary schools in Los Angeles. It's within walking distance to the local pubic library, grocery stores, and three parks. Although we live on a quiet residential street, we can walk to all sorts of shops and restaurants.


Tim is a warm, energetic, and optimistic person. He is creative and loves visual design. As a television producer in Hollywood, his favorite part of his job is meeting new people and telling their stories on TV. If you meet him, you'll see how infectious his energy is! An avid cyclist, he spends many Saturday mornings riding all through Los Angeles with his teammates. And every Spring, Tim raises money for people with HIV/AIDS by riding 545 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles with thousands of other cyclists. He is also a "gadget guy" who loves computers and all sorts of tech stuff. You can often find Tim getting his hands dirty, doing projects and fixing things around the house. He is also a fantastic cook who loves to try new flavors and spices.


Jeff is a loyal and enthusiastic person who loves his friends and loves being a lawyer. As a Public Defender in downtown Los Angeles, he devotes 100% of himself to his clients, both in court and in their lives. Like Tim, Jeff has an athletic streak; he has raced in two triathlons and completed two marathons. He is a true "nerd at heart" who loves to write and read (especially biographies). Growing up, Jeff loved going to sleep-away camp over the summers in New England. It played such a big role in his life that as an adult, he's on the Board of Directors of the camp. Jeff likes to plan big parties and make dinner for our friends. He has a passion for travel, music, and dance, and he loves being around kids of all ages.

Our Family:

Tim has a twin brother and while they could not be more different from each other, they are very close. They are also their parents' pride and joy. They grew up in Northern California, playing sports and running around their big backyard. Jeff grew up one of four boys in a big, happy family outside of Boston, and then near Washington, D.C. Holidays were very important to both of us growing up, and they still are. Every winter, we drive up north to visit Tim's family near San Francisco for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The day after Thanksgiving, the whole family goes to the farm to pick out the perfect Christmas tree. We cut it down ourselves, put it in the living room and surround it with lots and lots of presents! We also travel every summer to visit Jeff's family (now retired in Phoenix and Boston). Both of us have parents who can't WAIT to be grandparents! Jeff has two nephews (nine and ten years old) whom we absolutely LOVE to visit. We love taking them to the aquarium, playing games, and spoiling them as uncles like to do.

Our Thoughts on Parenting:

Both of us have always dreamed of being parents, and we can't wait to share our love, compassion, and zest for life with a child. We firmly believe that our job as parents is to expose our child to every opportunity so that he or she can flourish into the person he/she is meant to be. We were both raised by involved parents who exposed us to all sorts of experiences from an early age, and we think that allowed us to be free to pursue our passions. We want to do the same for a child in our family.
We are both flexible, patient, and non-judgmental people, and we hope this will translate into a household that is open, honest, and happy. We value communication and honesty above all else, because we believe that if you talk about what's going on inside, you can get through almost any problem.
We also think that besides love, education is the single most important thing a parent can provide. Education isn't just about being in a classroom-- it's about reading at bedtime, going to the zoo, and looking up at the stars at night. It's about looking at this great big world around us, and knowing that the possibilities are limitless.

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