Jayson & Nicole

We understand you have a lot to think about, so please know we’re eternally grateful that you love your child so much that you’re willing to consider adoption. We hope that this profile will give you a better idea of who we are, why we want to adopt, and why we will be forever dedicated to giving your child a lifetime of love, security, and adventure…

Christmas hike at Yosemite
Space Museum with the nieces

About Jayson & Nicole

We met almost nine years ago when Jayson did construction work on the house Nicole moved into (the house we share together today!). We became friends, friendship turned to love, and we married in a meadow in Yosemite. Our relationship is built on love and mutual respect, support of each other’s goals and dreams, and a passion for the great outdoors. We believe exploring the world and discovering new things together is what life is all about. We take road trips whenever we can and we’ve traveled to many big national parks (Yosemite and Zion top our list!). We enjoy hiking, camping under the stars, and cruising mountain roads in Jayson’s truck. On weekends we visit LA’s museums and great city parks. We’ve taken many trips and had many great adventures. But now we look forward to our greatest adventure yet… Welcoming our first child!

Our home in the Silver Lake Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles is cozy and warm with lots of outdoor space. Our backyard is a quiet retreat with a big outdoor couch where we read and listen to music (Our dog Olive likes to relax on the couch with us, too!). We just remodeled our kitchen so Nicole has more space to cook her famous Italian dishes like shrimp risotto and eggplant parmesan. Our neighborhood is safe, diverse, and family-friendly. There are many great schools in the area and we’re just a few blocks from the Silver Lake jogging path where we like to take evening walks. Also nearby is a playground and kids’ soccer field where we can’t wait to see our child on the jungle gym or join a soccer team!

Education Level: Jayson – B.A. Journalism & California Teaching Credential; Nicole – B.A. Broadcast Journalism
Occupation: Jayson – Website Production Manager & Editorial Director; Nicole – Television Writer & Producer


Meet Jayson – by Nicole:

Jayson is my greatest love and truest friend. He inspires me and supports me in every way. He’s kind and down-to-earth and very funny. Family, friends, and being a good person are what matter to Jayson most. He has an adventurous spirit and deep curiosity about the world. He traveled a lot with his parents during childhood (he speaks Spanish and some Japanese) and he’s excited to plan the first family trip with our child. Jayson is also the hardest worker I know. He’s dedicated and smart, and I’m in awe of how he can juggle multiple tasks at once. At home, he’s handy with a hammer and can fix pretty much anything. He can’t wait to pass his handyman skills onto our child (boy or girl!). I’m so lucky to be married to such a talented and loving man, and I’m excited to watch him become an incredible father.

Meet Nicole – by Jayson:

There are so many things I love about my wife, but I’ll start with her creativity and dedication to those she loves. Nicole’s a born writer and watching her come up with stories is something I always enjoy. Watching the way she cares for her family and friends just proves I’m the luckiest man alive. Nicole makes me laugh and she makes me think. She’s my best friend and one heckuva stunning wife! She makes our home warm and welcoming, and loves cooking great Italian food. Nicole’s from a big family and has many nieces and nephews. She’s so easygoing and fun with them, she loves showing them all that’s great in the world, and I know she’ll be that way with our child. She will be an amazing mother and I can’t wait to join her on this journey.


Family is the most important thing to us, and we’re very close with both of ours. We were raised by loving, dedicated parents who taught us to respect others. Our families are thrilled and supportive of our plans to adopt. Nicole’s niece is especially excited – She was adopted at birth 13 years ago! Nicole’s large family lives in Seattle, Washington and visit often. We travel there for Christmas and Thanksgiving celebrations with Nicole’s five siblings and 12 nieces and nephews (Dinners are loud but fun!). And during the summer, Jayson and Nicole love to join everyone for waterskiing at the family cabin. Jayson’s an only child and his parents live on the Northern California coast near lots of big trees and wildlife. He also has a large extended family with many cousins and aunts and uncles who all live nearby. We enjoy spending weekends with them, and Jayson’s parents travel here to visit whenever they can. Jayson’s dad is looking forward to taking his first grandchild fly fishing, and Jayson’s mom is busy organizing Jayson’s childhood Lego collection (There are THOUSANDS).

Our Promise as Parents:

We promise to provide a stable and happy home for our child to thrive. Our child will know they are loved unconditionally and will always be proud in his or her skin. We will nurture our child into becoming a thoughtful, respectful, and curious citizen of the world. And we will cherish our child every day as the greatest gift life has given us.

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