Chad & Sarah

It takes love, courage, and strength to consider adoption, and we admire you for exploring your options. If you choose us as parents, our hearts are ready to welcome your precious creation into our lives!
We strongly feel that the decision to place a baby for adoption is made with the purest kind of love. We will never forget the love that caused you to make this decision, and will reinforce that love to the child, throughout life.

Laughter, joy, faith, morals, and love make up the fabric of our family. We promise to stand by this child, supporting, and loving the child through all the many chapters of life. We will encourage the child to make their own decisions, to celebrate every success, and to provide comfort when things don’t turn out so well.

Thank you for considering us. We believe that we were brought here for a reason, and that our dream and calling to become parents is real. We would like to invite you to be an essential part of our story, by entrusting us with the blessing you have created.


About Chad & Sarah

We are Chad and Sarah; and we have been in love since almost the moment we met. We have not lost an ounce of that love; it only grows. We just celebrated our eight-year wedding anniversary! Our strengths are that we always support each other, we share a lot of goals and interests, we love spending time with each other, we are committed to a life-long relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and we are both others-centered. We laugh a lot with each other. We spend a lot of time with each other, we're considerate, caring and supportive of each other. We would describe each other as best friends and soulmates!

Dancing, singing, basketball, and golf are some of our favorite hobbies. We enjoy spending time with family and friends and caring for our playful animals, (3 dogs) Cupcake, Adelaide, and Panda Bear, and (2 birds) Aloha and Bella.
Sarah loves to work and play with children. She is a Director for a children’s theater and she teaches singing, dancing, and acting. She loves to help children grow a sense of confidence as they explore their talents and skills. In her spare time, Sarah is currently working with over 80 children in a production of Wizard of Oz! Sarah has always loved performing; she even played a princess at Sea World! The whole world is Sarah’s stage, and she would love to introduce her future children to the performing arts.

Chad is an avid sports fan! He loves football, basketball, baseball, and well…if it involves a ball, Chad loves it! He plays on a soft ball league in the summers and a basketball league in the winters. Chad also has grown a love for theater, as he is always there to support Sarah with whatever creative project she is involved with!

Shortly after graduating from college, Chad found himself stationed in San Diego, California, completing boot camp for the United States Navy. Sarah was in the same “boat,” so to speak, having just graduated from college! She was working full time and living with her best friends.

One night, Sarah and her friends decided to go to a Navy event for singles, and that’s where Sarah and Chad first met. Chad did not wait 24 hours before asking her out on a date, where they found they shared many commonalities, such as faith, amusement parks, dogs, movies, Disney, and more!

Chad confessed that he loved Sarah and planned to marry her, in their first month of dating. Sarah took a little bit longer (not much) to realize that what they had was a forever kind of love.
Chad and Sarah were married on November 11th (Veterans Day) of 2007, and have been in love every day since.

We take our relationship seriously. We love, honor, and cherish each other, and know we will be a family unit forever. Each year we grow closer than the last.

Our Home:

We live in a home on a quiet street in Murrieta, California. It is a two-story, 3 bedroom/3bath, with dual master bedrooms on the second floor. On the first floor, we have a family room, a fireplace room, a bathroom, and the third bedroom which is now our office. The garage has been finished, painted pink, and converted into a playroom for future kids. We also have a backyard with a hot tub.
We plan on having the new child sleep in the bedroom on the second floor, which is adjacent to ours. It has its own bathroom and walk-in closet.

There are plenty of children in the area and many great schools. We are about three miles from shoppig, medical facilities, schools and other services.

Adopting Parent Descriptions:

Chad, according to Sarah: Chad is sensitive, caring, and reliable. He is a wonderful husband and will make a tremendous father figure. Education is so important to both of us, and Chad has made a career out of inspiring young people to reach their goals and dreams. I really admire Chad's professional and educational aspirations. He is currently working on his Ed.D. and has an important role at his place of employment. He has gone much further with his career that I would have ever suspected at the beginning of our relationship. It is his way of providing the best life possible for our family, and that is so admirable.

Sarah, according to Chad: She is so creative and inspires others. She has an amazing attitude! I wish everyone cared for people in the way that Sarah does. Sarah works a lot with a local theater, and I enjoy helping out there as well. Sarah will be great at making sure everyone's needs are met and that our children have as much fun as possible. I will be complimentary with ensuring that everyone is on time to dance classes.

Our Family:

We are very close with our families and would look forward to introducing a child to a loving and supportive extended family.

Sarah’s mom and step father live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Grandma is a nurse and Grandpa is a retired Marine. Also in Las Vegas, are Sarah’s brother, his wife, and his two children. Sarah and Chad visit Las Vegas as often as they can, and would look forward to regular family visits. Christmas is often spent at Grandma’s house with the family.

Chad’s family lives in Oregon. His mother lives there with Chad’s aunt, and he has three cousins who are like brothers. Each cousin also has his own family. Chad’s family has an annual Thanksgiving reunion, where everyone comes home and spends time together.
We are a Christian family, and attend a non-denominational church near our home. The holidays that are most important to us are Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving. We celebrate these holidays in very traditional and common ways, with food, fun, and family! We also take delight in the “little” holidays that kids enjoy, such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and St. Patrick’s Day! If there is any reason to celebrate and have fun with family, we will participate!

Our Thoughts on Parenting:

We would really like to impart a sense of excitement and wonder to our children. We are very excited to see what it is that they are interested in, and find ways to develop those interests and advocate for them. It would be very easy to introduce creative things to our children, like art, dance, sports, and music. Sarah can teach most dance forms, and also teach piano and acting. Though, if our child is more of an academic or a tech-enthusiast, we would be excited to encourage those skills.

Sarah was a Nanny in college and gained many experiences with parenting young children. Chad and Sarah do not see value in either corporal punishment or seclusion. We also don't think it is right to take away whatever is most precious to them (favorite toy, or activities). This severely harms the bond of trust. It will be important for us to use the “time buying” method, when my child acts out. This is a period of time where the child must sit in time-out, and I must have a time-out to decide how to correct the behavior. Chad and Sarah both agree that punishment should not happen on the spot. So a conversation may look like this, “Wow, that was a bad decision. I need some time to figure out what I’m going to do about that. You will sit in time out and I will come back in ten minutes and tell you what the consequences will be."
As parents, we will consider it our responsibility to reward and model good behavior, while setting clear rules.

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