United We Stand, Together We Rise

Statement In Support of and Commitment to Compassion, Understanding, Equity, Respect, Inclusion, Peace and Justice for All

We are Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services, who for over 100 years, have provided shelter from life’s storms, protecting and advocating for L.A. children and families most in need of HelpHopeHealing and Home.

In the best and in the most challenging of times, we stand United with those who are passionate about building a more compassionate, stable and just world for the benefit of our children and the underserved communities from which they come.

At Vista Del Mar, we recognize the struggles of injustice and inequity and stand in the breach to fight them. We will continue to strongly advocate to change racist systems that oppress members of our community; believing it is our responsibility to lend the credibility of Vista’s values, vision, and voices, as advocates of peace, collaboration and understanding. There is no room in today’s world for hate. It’s just that simple.

Our actions will continue to be louder than our words…

Our Leadership, Staff, Educators and Volunteers continue to work collaboratively to expand meaningful programs and curricula that address social injustice, while providing our community the tools to contribute to the ongoing movement towards equity and inclusion for all in our society. We teach our courageous children that empathy and the understanding that we are all connected feeds the warm fires of kindness, collaboration, goodness and grace, cultivating a culture of compassion.

Vista Del Mar will continue to partner with those who ensure and protect access to spaces and services that are safe, equitable and inclusive, amplifying and supporting solutions that address and aspire to heal the root causes of the discrimination and inequities that undermine and divide our communities.

Our actions will be louder than our words. Vista Del Mar commits to meeting these moments.

We are Vista Del Mar, United for goodness, United against hate, and guided by the core values of Empowerment, Equity, and Excellence. Together We Rise.