Travis & Nick

Hey there, beautiful expectant mother! Firstly, thank you so much for giving us a chance and looking through this book. That already means so much to us.

We understand how difficult of a decision this must be for you. Our hearts go out to you right now, and if we could hug you at this moment, we would. You’re already important to us, you matter, and we want you to be connected to your child in whatever way you want.

We are so excited to share a bit about the two of us, our lives, our puppy, our family and home with you. This little glimpse into our lives will hopefully help you make your decision.

We are so proud of the lives that we have built, and we want nothing more than to share that joy with our future kid.

We feel we are going to make great parents and we would truly be honored to raise your child.

About Travis & Nick

We met in 2015 shortly after both moving to Los Angeles. On our first date, we saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens in the theater (we're both nerds, although Nick is admittedly a bit nerdier!). We connected right away, and after a night of laughing over our stories of living in New York, we were pretty much inseparable. We were both searching for a partner who would balance us and make us laugh, and we're grateful to say that we found that in each other. We dated for a year before moving in together. Shortly thereafter, we purchased our first home and started building our lives together as a couple. In 2018, Nick proposed! That November, we had a lovely wedding with a small group of our closest loved ones in one of our favorite vacations destinations, Palm Springs. Since then, we've moved to Long Beach and have fallen in love with the culture and community here. We are putting down roots and hope to be here for a long time. We both work from home and have a ton of time to devote to our future little one. Our family is so excited for us, and we have an army of aunts, uncles and grandparents that are ready to step in to help us as soon as we are ready.

Why We Are Adopting

Early on in our relationship, we talked about how, one day, we really wanted to have kids. We both have loved ones who are adopted, so embarking on the adoption journey felt like the natural way to grow our family. In 2019, we became foster parents. Now, we are ready to adopt a baby of our own!

The idea that our future kid's birth mom will choose us, and that she can determine her level of involvement, is very appealing to us. We know that any mother who decides on adoption is making a very difficult, selfless and compassionate decision for her child. We want our future little one's birth mother to choose us and to feel we are the best parents to raise her child. That level of confidence in us, love and care is very important to us.

About Nick

Silly, creative, compassionate and patient, Nick is the family nurturer. He believes that laughter is the best medicine, and he loves sharing his love of comedy and games. Born and raised on a farm, he knows that with patience and unconditional love, anything can grow. If you need homework help, baked goods for a school fundraiser, or assistance with putting together a science fair project, he is there to help.

Coming from a mixed Japanese and Irish family on Oahu, Hawai'i, Nick grew up in a cultural melting pot. After high school, he moved to NYC, where he attended the School of Visual Arts and worked at a bakery. Now, he's settled into California, where he's thrilled to carry on all the traditions and recipes he's learned over the years.

Nick is the oldest sibling of three, and he loves to bake pies when his family comes over each month.

For over a decade, Nick has been working on animated projects for companies like Nickelodeon, Netflix, Warner Brothers and Disney. Whether he's drawing storyboards, writing scripts, or even voice acting, he loves telling stories that make kids laugh and feel uplifted. There are many perks that come with working in animation, like free access to theme parks and fun family events, and he can't wait to share those with his kids.

When it comes to hobbies, Nick is a kid at heart. He loves to play video games, read and make comic books, as well as ride his bike and bake delicious cookies and pies. He's very excited to nurture creativity and imagination as a father, as well as share his love of all things fun.

About Travis

Originally from Florida, Travis is the family hero. Brave, compassionate, energetic and driven, his fierce advocacy will be a big help for his future kiddo. Whether it's fighting to get his kid into the best school programs, or making playdates with other parents on the playground, Travis' can-do attitude will serve a valuable purpose.Travis speaks fluent Swedish and has lived in Stockholm, Mexico City, Miami and NYC before settling in California. He is also proud of his Cuban heritage, and can't wait to share those traditions with his child. Found family is very important to Travis, and he has a bunch of lifelong friends who can't wait to be aunts and uncles.

Travis has worked as an interior designer and realtor for almost a decade, and owns a successful corporation. As a designer, he loves to take a dull space and transform it into a bright and beautiful oasis. As a realtor, he helps all types of families find forever homes in Los Angeles. Because he's a business owner, Travis has the luxury of working from home, which will really come in handy once he has kids.

Travis loves to soak up the sun, which makes warm and sunny California his perfect home base. On a typical day, Travis is either kayaking, swimming, hiking, biking or gardening. He is proud of his landscaping and is now growing fruits and vegetables in the backyard! Travis looks forward to teaching his kid about plants while walking the dog around Long Beach.

About Our Home

We own a modern, renovated craftsman home just three blocks from the ocean in our city of Long Beach. With Travis' design skills, our home always looks great. We have ample room for a kid, and we even built a craft nook for doing creative projects! We are lucky enough to have a guesthouse in the backyard, perfect for when grandma comes to visit and help with the baby. We have two large backyard areas with plenty of space for a child to run around, climb into a treehouse, and learn how to grow fruits and vegetables.

About Our Community

We are proud to live in Long Beach, a beautiful beach town located just 30 miles south of Los Angeles. We moved here for the proximity to the ocean, progressive culture, great food and diversity of people.

Long Beach is mostly known for being the home of the Queen Mary ship, a world class aquarium and huge port. But it's also a place rich in arts and culture, with plenty of unique festivals held here year round. Some people describe Long Beach as "a BIG small town", and we think that sums up the surprisingly warm sense of community here perfectly. It's also home to a thriving LGBTQ population, and we're excited to raise our child in such a welcoming and loving place.

Our neighborhood is filled with playgrounds, restaurants, roller skaters, and trendy coffee shops as well as beautiful architecture and street art.

We moved here to start our family, and we can't wait to share our city with our child.

Our Thoughts on Parenting and Education

We are devoted to giving our future child a creative home life filled with crafts, arts, music, sports and free play. We will do all we can to nurture and support their developing mind and interests. We are in the process of stocking our craft room, and can't wait to share all of the resources our city can provide in terms of sports and art programming.

Education is really important to us, and we will work hard to get our child the best education possible. We believe that learning comes in many forms, and we will be open to finding a teaching style that will foster our child's curiosity and independence. We want to see our future child succeed at whatever their heart desires, and we'll be there to support them, no matter what.

On Family and Friends

We both have large families. Nick's dad lives in Hawaii, so we go there often. We have extended family in Seattle with lots of kids, so our kid will grow up with many cousins in different places, as well as California.

Travis' family lives in Florida and Rhode Island. We try to see everyone as much as possible and can't wait to take our child with us as soon as safe and healthy.

We consider our closest friends to be family. We've cultivated friendships over the years with a close group of incredible humans. Our friends are so excited that we are growing our family and can't wait to be our kid's aunties and uncles.

Some of our friends live outside California, and we love taking yearly trips to Copenhagen Denmark, Denver, Florida, New York and Austin to visit our nearest and dearest. When it comes to family, the more the merrier! Rest assured, the child we raise will be surrounded by people from all over who will love and support them throughout their life.

Holidays and Traditions

We love to host our family and friends for Thanksgiving at our house. In the past, we've invited our family and friends to our backyard (yes, in SoCal it's 75 degrees on Thanksgiving!) and we make all the fixins'. Travis loves to cook a delicious Cuban dish like lechon asado, rice and beans and platanos. Nick

takes care of dessert, whipping up pies, cakes, or his favorite, butter mochi. We love to spend time with our loved ones playing games, laughing, and of course, eating great food.

For Christmas, we fly to Providence, Rhode Island to be with Travis' Aunt, Uncle, Cousins, and various other family members that come up from Florida. This is a very important tradition for us and we love to be around family in a cozy, snowy town. The Rhode Island house looks just like a Hallmark movie. It's a really special time of year for us and the entire family is thrilled that we'll be bringing a kid with us soon.

Nick's favorite holiday is Halloween, and he loves making costumes, decorating the house, and handing out candy to trick-or-treaters.

In Closing

We promise to love your child unconditionally. We promise to create a warm, nurturing and creative home where we have fun! We promise to show your child the world, through books, art, and travel. We promise to give your child the gift of education. We promise to raise your child in a safe home in a diverse neighborhood. We promise to teach your child the importance of giving back. We promise to clean the scrapes, wipe the tears and give the hugs, even when it's tough. We promise to honor your child's roots and celebrate their family history and culture. We promise that, if you are willing, you and your child will always be connected in whatever way you feel best. We promise you won't be forgotten. We want you to feel good about your decision. We promise we care.

Sending you love, light and positivity in your pregnancy and life. If you'd like to chat further, we'd love to hear from you.

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