Stephen & Marianne

Hello from Los Angeles! We’ve been together for four years, married for two, and are excited for our future together and to be on a path to parenthood. Becoming parents is something we’ve both dreamed of for some time. We live in a quiet residential neighborhood on the west side of LA, about 10 minutes from the beach, close to good schools and a great farmer’s market at weekends. We love to travel to new places, visit family here and overseas, spend time with our friends and our dog. We have a number of nieces and nephews, both here in the US and in the UK, who can’t wait to have a new cousin!

We’re grateful for your consideration of us as parents to your child and respectful of what that decision means to you. We always want to prioritize the best interests of our child and we are keen to pursue an open adoption if you are

About Stephen & Marianne

Our story started like many couples today—online. We met for coffee only 6 days after Marianne arrived in LA, and talked for 3 hours! It was clear we had a lot in common. We’d both lived in New York City for over a decade and almost crossed paths on a few occasions. The values we shared for living life and growing our own family aligned. After years of forgettable dates, and a desire to find the right person, our timing matched up and this one was meant to be. We moved in together at the beginning of the pandemic and actually found ways to make it fun. Neither of us know how we’d have got through it without each other. On our first anniversary, we were on a trip to Utah and realized that if we could handle lockdown and comfortably spend 8 hours in a car, without music and without driving each other crazy, it was a done deal. 18 months later, in a small ceremony at home, we got married, throwing a party the next summer to celebrate with all our friends. It is still the best party we’ve ever been to! Together, we’ve built a life where we regularly enjoy road trips in California, traveling the US and internationally, spending time with our family and friends, visiting museums, seeing live music, watching movies and taking weekend hikes or trips to the beach. The third member of our family—who we bring with us whenever we can—is a loving and lively labradoodle. He is great with kids and will be a great playmate for our child!

About Marianne:

I am a dual citizen of the UK and USA. I grew up in England, the eldest of four siblings, “Auntie Snazzy” to five nieces and nephews and godparent to five more children. My parents have been married for almost 50 years and are doting grandparents, eager to welcome one more grandchild into the family. Most of my family lives in the UK, with my youngest brother and his kids in Rhode Island. I try to visit the UK at least once a year, seeing the US contingent more frequently, whether on the East Coast meeting for vacation. Family time is a priority for me.

I moved from London to New York in 2006 and moved to LA 13 years later. I established a 20+ year career in communications & advertising. I enjoy travel above all else, for the opportunity to experience different cultures, environments and foods! At home I take pilates & peloton classes, recently started horseback riding again (a childhood passion!), enjoy exploring new corners of Los Angeles, going to the beach and hiking, walking and playing with our dog.

About Stephen:

I grew up on the East Coast, with most of that time spent in Connecticut as the youngest of three siblings. My parents recently celebrated 55 years of marriage and remain together in my childhood home in CT. My brother, his wife and their two dogs live nearby in New York, and my sister lives in Washington, DC with her fiancé. We get together whenever we can, and recently celebrated some special birthdays over a weekend in DC.

I am an actor and audiobook narrator by profession. Over the course of the last 20+ years I have worked in theater, commercials, TV and film. I started my career in New York and after 10 years there, I moved west and have just celebrated 10 years living in LA. I find joy in sharing unexpected experiences, and the chance to learn something new from my surroundings. Beside my love for art, travel, exposing myself to new cultures, and a passion for storytelling; I do love an evening drinking wine with my wife or friends and watching trashy reality TV.

Our Community:

We have a tight-knit and generous network of family, chosen family and friends on both the East and West Coast, as well as in the UK and further afield. They are incredibly important to us and we’re excited to bring our child up within our community.

Our home is a place where family frequently visits for vacation, friends gather for weekend barbecues, outdoor movie nights or Sunday suppers. We love to host each other. We’ve been lucky enough to take some memorable trips as a group, with their kids too—whether for weekend trips in California, family weddings, Thanksgiving or Christmas breaks.

The foundation of all this is love and support for one another, a support that has been tested through hard times, strengthened through laughter, and which continues to nourish us individually and together.

In Closing:

Stephen’s mom (a retired teacher) once told us that upon having her first child, she quickly recognized that as parents we are simply stewards for our children to grow and develop their own individual personality, to nurture, guide and champion them on their journey to be the best possible version of themselves.

We take this on whole heartedly as we look to grow our family, understanding that the biggest part we can play as adoptive parents is to ensure we provide a safe and welcoming home full of love, empathy, guidance and understanding and to give our child the tools to grow and flourish to their fullest potential.

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