Ricky & Scott

Dear Birth Mother: Hello! We are Ricky & Scott from San Diego. From the moment we met we knew that we wanted to start a family. Our lives have been full of adventure and joy, and we look forward to sharing all that we can with our adopted child.

We are inspired by your strength and are incredibly grateful to you for potentially considering us to be adopted parents.

About Ricky & Scott

We live in the California city of sun and beaches- San Diego. It’s also where we met and fell in love. We met on a warm Spring night by chance and luck. A mutual friend had introduced us, and ever since it has been endless adventures and pure happiness. If you could imagine all your favorite romcom (romantic-comedy) movies, and wrap them up into the real world, you would find our cinematic love story. We have traveled, explored, laughed, and cried with each other. We’ve explored the entire West Coast of the US, and gone from Vancouver to Toronto, and Mexico City to the island of Puerto Rico. We have had endless nights of laughing and listening to our favorite songs, to watching a favorite 90’s movie and shedding a tear.

If there is a time of year that is the most special to us, that would be during the holiday season.
• There are always several candles lit and decorations on display.
• We got engaged during this wonderful time of the year.
• We exchanged vows almost a year later, on a beautiful Fall day in front of our family and closest friends in Downtown San Diego.

About Ricky: I grew up in Southern California in the small city of Canyon Lake with my parents and little brother Austin. My family was surrounded with support and love. My extended family was always around and spending time together. My Grandma and Grandpa lived right down the street from me, and I spent several days eating freshly baked cookies with them.

I obtained my undergrad in the beautiful beach city of Monterey Bay. I graduated with honors and gave the commencement speech, which led me to my next adventure of moving back to Southern California, where I obtained my graduate degree.

I was born with the gift of planning and organization, and I am always filling out Scott’s and my calendar with adventures, date nights, and travels. I cannot wait to have a child in our lives to bring us new types of adventures and joy.

Thoughts from Scott: Ricky captured my heart the first time we met and throughout the years together our love seems to be ever boundless. All the qualities one would look for in a life partner I found wrapped up in uniquely special person.
He’s funny, outgoing, a planner to fault, and knows when I’ve eaten a late-night snack after dinner.

Family has always come first. He’s adored by mine and treats my eight nieces and nephews like his own. I remember the first time I met his nephew Jaxon at his 1st birthday party. Ricky took him to the swings, sat him on his lap and just swayed back and forth as I listened to the laughs and watched the smiles. This would be the first of many times I would see a glimpse into our future dream of having a kid of our own.

List of Happiness:
• The Fall: Pumpkin everything!
• Chips & Salsa: The hotter the salsa the better.
• Plants: I have the greenest of thumbs.

About Scott: I grew up in the small California desert town of El Centro. Growing up was full of small-town vibes; from street parades, drive in theaters, and to firework shows out in the country. I have two siblings each now with kids of their own making me an uncle of eight. My father was a classic car fanatic and a fix anything with a motor guy. Through him I too developed a love for cars and music.

After graduating high school, I decided to spread my wings and move to San Diego. It seemed like a world of opportunity had been waiting for me and life blossomed before my eyes.

I enjoy watching movies. From Animation to Romcom’s, there really isn’t much I won’t watch. Ricky finds it comical that I will repeatedly watch a movie, but when our kid falls in love with a movie and wants to watch it on repeat- I’ll be right by their side.

Thoughts from Ricky: Scott is a superhero without the mask and cape. He has the power to make me smile and laugh with the simplest of actions. I have never felt more complete than when I met Scott.

When we visit my nephews, “Scotty” is by far their favorite person to play with. Scott is everyone’s best friend. He has no problem starting a conversation or keeping one going.

From the very beginning I have known Scott will make an incredible Dad. He is the most caring and tender-hearted person I know. I cannot wait for our future child to meet and learn from him. They will be comforted and safe in his loving hands.

List of Happiness:
• Candles: Finding a good one is like a treasure hunt.
• Coffee: Brings a smile to my morning.
• Movies: You can never watch the same one too many times.

Meet Our Pup: We have one loving furry friend who lives with us and her name is Ellie.

She is a 12-year-old chiweenie. She became part of the family when she was about 2 years old. Now that she is an older dog, she has lost her sight, but still perks up for a walk and of course treats. She is a calm and patient dog when it comes to children. Our nephews have a big dog, so whenever, smaller Ellie comes around they can’t wait to pick her up and play with her.

Our Home & Community: We live in the vibrant and diverse neighborhood of North Park in San Diego. We are close to all the major attractions, and sunny beaches.

One of our favorite things about our home is the walkability the neighborhood provides. We are steps away from San Diego’s beautiful parks. The best one being the historic Balboa Park, which is full of trails, playgrounds, grass fields, museums, and gardens.

Meet Our Family & Friends- and together… that’s where we like to be.

We are both lucky to have our families nearby in Southern California. We are incredibly close to Ricky’s family. We get together once a month with his parents, siblings, our nephews, and his Grandma at his childhood home. These trips always entail early mornings with the kids and experimenting in the kitchen.

Ricky’s family always celebrate Thanksgiving in the biggest way. There are always two turkeys (one traditional and one fried), lots of side dishes and way too many appetizers. The next day everyone in the family digs out their Holiday decorations and gets ready for Santa.

We have a close group of friends that are also embarking on the journey of parenthood. The love, joy and sense of fatherhood is prevalent and embedded in every fiber of us.

We can’t wait for the day that this dream becomes our reality and we are beyond excited to share this journey together.

Our Final Thoughts for You: We cannot thank you enough for taking the time to get to know us better. We are grateful to you for potentially considering us to be your child’s adopted parents. Our hope is that our words have given you a glimpse of the type of parents we could be.

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