Nick & Jennifer

Dear Birth Mother

We are thrilled you are reading this and we are humbled by your courage and selflessness that has led you to consider adoption. Thank you. We know this isn’t an easy decision, and we want you to know that we are ready to support you and be an ally on this journey together. We are open, big-hearted people, and we love kids. We will give everything we have to your child: our time, our hearts, our lives, our passion for travel, our devotion to the arts and education, and every opportunity to learn and grow.

About Nick & Jennifer

We met many years ago in our high school theater program - Jen was a stage manager, Nick was an actor - and we quickly became close friends. When we both decided to go to UCLA, it was only a matter of time before our friendship blossomed into something romantic. Jen had worked at Disneyland, and had two free tickets that were about to expire. She asked Nick to go with her, and that's where the magic happened. Having built such a strong and time-tested foundation, our love runs deep. We have a shared passion for music, film, theater, travel, animals, the list goes on. In 2015 we traveled to Thailand to volunteer at an elephant sanctuary, and as the trip came to a close, Nick swept Jen off her feet and proposed on a beautiful white-sand beach. We’ve since gotten married, bought a house and adopted our first child, Willow. We love the life we have built together, and we’re ready to expand our family! We know what it takes to nurture a relationship that grows and evolves over time.

About Jen!

First and foremost, I’m a mother. If I could spend all my time with children, swinging at the park and playing with puppets, I would. I love getting to relive the many joys of childhood, so it’s no surprise that I’ve made it my day job! I work as a producer at Walt Disney Animation Studios where we make films like Moana, Zootopia and Frozen. So please know that your baby will be surrounded by kind, creative people who make great movies for families around the world to enjoy. And we get to go to Disneyland any time we want! I love what I do because I get to support artists, appreciate their talents, and be their cheerleader along the way. Outside of work I have many interests, but I find that I am happiest when I am around children. I have volunteered at a sleep-away camp, directed school plays, and read with students on Saturday mornings. All things I would love to do with your baby.

More about Jen by Nick:

Jen is an absolute inspiration. She never ceases to amaze me with her positive energy, her kind heart, and her dedication to bettering herself. And she is tireless! I like to think of myself as a hard-working person, but she has SO much energy. She’ll wake up before Willow, do some yoga and bake a loaf of bread. Then she’ll make breakfast and lunchboxes, kiss me goodbye, and head to work while I’m still brushing my teeth. I’m not exaggerating. It’s unbelievable. Jen is a spectacular mother.

About Nick!

I love all kinds of art, and I’ve always been smitten with movies and television. So much so that I made it my career! I work in the film industry here in LA, as both a director and an editor. I have worked on all sorts of projects, including a children’s TV show. I really love working with kids on set, and people have always told me I’m a big kid trapped in an adult’s body. Very fitting for my career choice. In my free time I like playing tennis, skiing, eating good food, and traveling. My dad is a composer, so I grew up with music as a big part of my life. I play piano, guitar and drums, and I love playing instruments with Willow. In fact, I love doing everything with her. Being a dad has quickly become my favorite pastime and I can’t wait to continue being the best father I can be.

More about Nick by Jen:

Nick is exactly the kind of partner you want in life. He has a wonderful way of making me laugh like no one else. He is endlessly supportive and thoughtful. He can lift your spirits in an instant with a witty joke and a warm hug. Nick and I make a great team. Whether it is working on a creative project, planning a trip, or parenting, we love to put our heads together and support each other’s ideas. What has delighted me the most is to see Nick become a dad. His love is endless for Willow, and he puts his heart into giving her the most nurturing and loving environment possible. I never get tired watching them together.


We have an amazing adopted daughter named Willow. We love her beyond words and we’re incredibly lucky to have her in our lives. We had a super positive adoption experience, and our match was made in heaven. Willow’s birth mother and father are welcoming, generous people who have become good friends of ours through the process. We are incredibly grateful that they were the ones who brought Willow into this world and we appreciate that they’ve supported us as adoptive parents, every step of the way. We have tremendous love and respect for them, just as we would for you.

Willow is extremely sweet, gentle and loves to laugh. She amazes us with her nurturing and compassionate personality, and we know she’s destined to be the perfect big sister. Her favorite pastime is taking care of her stuffed animals. Feeding them, comforting them and even changing their diapers. She’s a naturally loving person, and especially likes to wave hello to strangers, pet every dog, and snuggle on the couch. She also loves music, just like Nick. She bangs on her bongo drums, she knows how to play her xylophone and she will dance to anything with a good beat. She loves pre-school where she thrives in a nature-based environment with big playgrounds, animals to care for, and endless arts and crafts.

Family and Friends

Lucky us, we live near our parents, and they live near each other! We spend holidays together and cherish the fact that we can all be under one roof so easily.

We also have a tight-knit group of friends, which are basically like extended family. We love to get everyone together for games of kickball, holiday parties, and big dinners. Many of our friends have kids, and we love them like our own nieces and nephews!

We adore being parents, and we know we have more to give. We are both the eldest child, and we couldn’t imagine growing up without our younger siblings. Willow is going to be a fantastic sister. We can’t wait to welcome a new bundle of joy and watch them grow up together.

Jen’s family:
I grew up in a loving home with lots of support for academics, sports and the arts. No matter what, we always had dinner around the table every night and we loved playing Monopoly and watching Disney movies on the sofa (with lots of popcorn). My parents were always eager to teach me life skills, which I carry with me to this day. My mom taught me to bake, and my dad taught me how to use power tools! They are phenomenal grandparents, and seriously need more grandchildren to spoil.

Nick’s family:
I have an amazing relationship with my family. My parents are very kind and down-to-earth people, and my brother is one of my best friends. We grew up in a creative household, filled with music and art. I was born in Montreal, so I have a lot of extended family still living in Canada. We visit often and manage to stay close with everybody!

A note about adoption:
Adoption is very close to our hearts. Jen's mom, aunt, uncle and grandfather were all adopted. Nick's uncle as well! We all know how special adoption is, and we love sharing personal experience with adoptive families and appreciate their unconditional love.

We love animals! We have 2 rescue cats (Charlie, the orange tabby and Winston, the tuxedo) that fill the house with warmth and laughter. We’re planning to raise chickens in our backyard, and we’re aiming to get a puppy to grow up with our future kids. We love to volunteer at our local animal shelter and have traveled to different parts of the world, helping animals at rehabilitation centers.

Our home:

We live in sunny Los Angeles, California. We were lucky enough to buy a house just down the street from our long-time apartment because we absolutely adore our neighborhood. We know the local bakery, we shop at our Sunday farmer’s market and we have Griffith Park just down the street where we love to go hiking. We have 2 schools within walking distance and even dance and art classes for kids! Our neighborhood is a special place and we love to call it home.

Final Thoughts:
Thank you so much for taking the time to read our story. We promise to be parents who are supportive, encouraging, and nurturing. We want to inspire imagination, and raise our children to make the world a better place. We can't wait to teach them to read, how to bake cookies, and to have puppet shows and sleepovers in the backyard. We promise to work hard, to have an honest and welcoming household for you if you choose to be part of it, and to make sure the little one always feels free to be themselves. Above all else, we will share our love, with the hope that they will bring that love out into the world wherever they go. Thank you for your decision to place for adoption, it is such a gift!


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