Musa & Ellen

Hi – we thank you for considering us as you are thinking about who you can trust to raise your baby with love and care forever. We understand you are giving thought to what will be the right path forward for your future and for your baby. Please know we respect your bravery with all that you are experiencing, and we hope you will want to connect with us as much as we want to connect with you. We want you to know that we would do everything possible to provide your child with a nurturing, loving home to grow and explore their own destiny, to pursue their dreams and to enjoy adventures great and small. We would be honored to be trusted with the amazing gift that is your baby and we thank you for considering us as adoptive parents.

About Musa & Ellen

We are Ellen and Musa and we met walking down the street in New York City. That random moment on the sidewalk was not random at all if you believe in destiny - which we do. It was unlikely that we'd ever meet at all, since Ellen grew up in Chicago to parents from Ireland and Musa grew up in Istanbul, Turkey, more than 5,000 miles away where Europe connects with Asia. We came from very different parts of the word but all it took was us being in the same place at the same time, and what was always meant to be clicked into place. We’ve been married for ten years, and for the past six years we have lived in Los Angeles, California where Ellen works for the University of California and Musa has a small business. We have enjoyed learning from each other and building our little family with a lot of love, laughter and support. Our dream is to adopt and pour our hearts into giving a child a welcoming, healthy and joyful life. We are happy and hopeful that our destiny is to now meet a brave mom looking for the best for their baby, and the fact that you are reading this now could be part of your destiny too.

About Ellen

Ellen grew up the youngest in a big family in the Midwest and has always been outgoing, making friends easily and enjoying hearing stories about people from all different places and backgrounds. She always wanted to make the world a better place and decided to make her career focused on helping good causes raise money

for the arts, education, health and community programs. She’s worked with world renowned doctors, artists and teachers, and with people who have resources to help strengthen our communities. Ellen feels lucky to have had success in her career doing work that she loves, and is grateful to be part of a flexible work culture that is very community and family focused.

About Musa

Musa grew up the oldest in his family in a unique city that is half in Europe and half in Asia, Istanbul. Musa was a great student and studied Agricultural Engineering and Animal Science in college. He worked in farming before moving to the United States in 2005. He was in the fruit and vegetable business, had his own organic market and worked for one of the top cancer hospitals in the U.S. supporting their research programs. Musa’s always been creative and plays the guitar and violin. He’s self-taught in all kinds of home remodeling including tiling, drywalling, painting and landscaping. He makes pillows with hand-woven fabrics from Turkey, and has a hand sanitizer business. He is very domestic and will be able to be at home full-time when we become parents.

About our Home and Community

Ellen and Musa share in responsibilities for the home and have a good income to provide an excellent life for your baby. We have a lovely Spanish style bungalow with the baby’s bedroom and bathroom all ready and decorated with lots of elements of bunnies, birds and flowers. There a secure and private back yard ready for playtime all year around in the beautiful California weather all year round, and we are less than 10 miles from the Pacific Ocean and beautiful beaches for children. The neighborhood is friendly and the music of the ice cream truck definitely brings everyone out for treats. We look forward to stroller walks through the neighborhood, to the playground, and for day trips to places like the Santa Monica Pier, the Zoo, and the many national parks in California. We live in a diverse community so your baby will get to experience many new cultures, and we will be sure to honor the traditions that are meaningful to you as well. With family and friends literally all over the United States and internationally, and a love of geography, travel and education, we hope to be parents who encourage curiosity and a desire to pursue dreams.

Our Values

Overall, our life experiences have exposed us to many cultures, perspectives, visions and values. While are families speak different native languages and have different cuisines, religious practices and holidays, Musa and Ellen have consistently been drawn together with their shared values of treating everyone they meet with respect, kindness, and equality. Both Ellen and Musa are from family’s with parents who put their children’s needs above all other priorities, focusing on education, ethics, and support for one another. Being a true friend and lending a helping hand to anyone in need is what really matters in life. Both sides of the family are proud of their heritage, determination, and longevity. Ellen’s mom and dad were married for 64 years and were great grandparents; Musa’s mom and dad have been married for 55 years and are grandparents. On both sides of the family, there is a long history of many generations interacting, from parents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, brothers and sisters. Ellen and Musa’s lives have been enriched by having many children in their lives, including a godson, and many nieces and nephews. They are looking forward a baby coming into the family and sharing the love. The understand that there are challenging times, when sleep may hard come by, or where there may be things happening in the world that are hard for us to understand around tragedies and injustices. Ellen and Musa will do their very best to parent with compassion, love, and openness to make sure a caring, stable and happy family life is achieved.


We thank you for considering us when you are considering who you would like to trust with your baby’s future. We very much hope that we could have an open or semi-open relationship for the well-being of the baby, who we believe will benefit from understanding the brave sacrifice that their mother made for them so that they would have secure and loving adoptive family. It is our hope that we will be fortunate enough to meet you on your journey and have our destiny’s be linked through the love of your baby.

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