Martin & Jose

Hi Birthmom! We are Martin and Jose Luis and we sincerely appreciate your taking time to read about our story and the dream we want to make true. Even when we still don’t know you, we imagine you may have a lot to think about, and we value your courage to consider allowing us to be involved in this moment of your life. As a same-sex couple, since we joined our paths in marriage, we envisioned the time when we reach to you, and your act of love, to be able to have among us this little person to whom we can pass on the love grown inside us, learned from overcoming the bad times and embracing the good ones. We strongly believe in open adoption. We want you to be sure that your child thrives within a loving family and we want this child to know your role in his or her life.

About Martin & Jose

We both work in the biomedical field. One of us (Martin)is a physician at San Antonio Regional Hospital in Upland, and the other (Jose Luis) is a Histotechnologist at a UC Davis laboratory in San Bernardino. We live in a welcoming house in Rancho Cucamonga, and work is just 20 minutes away for both of us. We have a nice work schedule, leaving home at 6 am and being back at no later than 3 pm. Also, we have both made plans to arrange paternity leaves and vacations together to receive our little one, and everybody in our workplaces is supportive and actually as excited as we are. At home we speak both English and Spanish, and we would love to raise a bilingual child who can be proud of growing within a fusion of cultures.

Both of us are originally from Peru and met each other there, in an unforgettable day of summer, fourteen years ago. When we started realizing we wanted to share our lives, we learned that only an honest and mutually-nurturing relationship would allow us to grow together, in particular through the rough times.

We believe that our strongest bond is the many things we have in common and love doing together. We both come from extended families and we both grew cherishing each moment with our peers and elders, and receiving the endless love from our adored grandmas. And as we learned the value of their company, we always dreamed of building a family like that. We have the fortune to have Norma (Martin’s mom) living with us and we’ll make sure Olga (Jose’s mom) comes with us soon. They both have been not only supportive but are ecstatic about the idea of having a little one among us. Thus, when our child comes home, he or she will not only have the unconditional love from us, but will also find the warm, maternal touch from grandma.

We love nature and we are big fans of traveling and outdoor activities. Several of the most enjoyable moments in our lives together have been surrounded by nature and we believe that experiencing these as a family would be very difficult to forget. We cannot wait to walk our first trail with our little one, to look at his or her face to the first ever sight of a lake at the foot of a mountain.

At home, one of our favorite activities as a couple is cooking.  We enjoy working as a team in every step of the process, from the time buying groceries to the moment we prepare the meals. We love to take challenges and we like to look for and make recipes from around the world, even when we don’t know what the result will be. We really think we can learn a lot about a culture by exploring its food. Our family and friends often say they admire our dedication to cooking and the way we enjoy that time together. And that is something we would like to share with our little one.

As we love nature, gardening, is another of the activities we like to spend time in. It is not easy to keep a garden beautiful the whole year, but we feel very proud to have grown a succulent garden and a bunch of fruit trees. We believe there are so many things a child could get from gardening, including the curiosity and fondness for nature and a lot of hard work and discipline too. We cannot wait to see our child learning so many things, growing his own food, and having fun playing in the backyard garden that all of us helped to create.

So, we can say we have been preparing ourselves for this moment for a very long time. We have grown as a couple facing difficult times and enjoying beautiful ones. We are ready to share our time, our hard work, our life lessons and our dreams with this little person that we can almost see becoming a compassionate and strong human being in our home. We only need an opportunity. And if you let us, we are ready to be there, look into your eyes, and show you that you can trust us that this child will always have our unconditional love.

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