Kevin & Sara

Dear Birth Mother,
Thank you for taking the time to get to know our family. You are courageous, strong and nothing short of a superhero. We promise only the best for your child(ren). We have always wanted to grow our family and have so much love and attention to give. We value family time, education, and the arts. We keep very open and strong communication with our son and allow him to be himself, support his talents and teach him respect, kindness and the importance of values and morals. We would want your child to know how special and unique they are every day.

About Kevin & Sara

The most important thing to know about us is that we have so much love to give and value family time more than anything. We also love going all out for holidays and birthdays! We are fun-loving and caring. We enjoy family getaways, adventures, game nights and just being out and about exploring nature, new areas and restaurants. We also value our relaxing nights at home, whether we are watching a movie all snuggled up on the couch or watching Kayden put on a show for us.

Hello! We are Sara & Kevin from Los Angeles, CA along with our child, Kayden. Kevin is a union industrial electrician and Sara is currently a stay-at-home mom who’s background in education and child development, specializing in kids with special needs. Kayden is a student who loves school!

About Our Family:
Kayden: Kayden could not be more excited about becoming a big brother! He is so caring and helpful with his 2 little cousins. He loves to carry them around, feed them, run around with them and teach them new things. Kayden is a gifted student who loves the arts; acting, singing, dancing, drawing and crafts. He also loves chess and coding. He is very funny, goofy and extremely creative.

Sara: Sara loves being a stay-at-home mom and is the planner in the family. She is always looking for fun things to do, adventures to take, family crafts and delicious, healthy food to cook. She also loves going for walks, listening to podcasts and creating a warm home for her family. She was an elementary/middle school teacher, specializing in kids with special needs and also ran her own business bringing enrichment classes to schools all over the Chicagoland area before moving to Los Angeles. Her background is in Kinesiology, Child Development, Psychology, and Physical Education.

Kevin: Kevin is a hard worker, a strong provider and an amazing role model. He is as kind and patient as can be. He loves Sara’s cooking, playing games with Kayden and enjoys every second with his family. He is an industrial electrician and has the support of a union to provide great benefits for his family. He loves the outdoors, hiking and biking. He is very handy and according to Sara and Kayden, can fix ANYTHING!

As a couple:
We are strong, solid and can take on anything. We are supportive of one another, loving, affectionate and prioritize good communication. We pride ourselves on our conflict resolution skills. Sara loves laughing at Kevin’s impressions and dance moves. Kevin loves Saras silliness and caring personality.
When we met, we were both looking for a partnership, a true partnership and that is exactly what we have. Sara feels so supported every day and Kevin feels so taken care.
As parents, we provide, and will continue to provide, a lot of love and affection. We will always put our children first and make sure they know how loved they are every day.

Our home:
We currently live in a nice suburb of Los Angeles, though we do own a home in the Chicago suburbs as well. Our house is warm, decorative and full of life. Picture frames and books line our walls and shelves. Sara always cooks and stocks the house with everyone’s favorite snacks. There are games, toys and safe spaces to play all throughout. Kevin is always building or fixing something to make the house a better place. Kayden is usually singing or playing music, so there is always great ambiance. And our cat, Milo, loves sleeping or playing with his toys, when he is not trying to snuggle with us. We go for walks throughout our neighborhood regularly and participate in community events throughout the surrounding areas.

People in our lives:
In Los Angeles, we are close to Sara’s brother and his family. They are a very similar family and we are always hanging out and letting the kids have fun together as they build memories. Kayden loves his cousins so much! Beatrice is 2.5 years old and Archie is 4 months old, so our future child will have 2 awesome cousins, likely close in age. We spend holidays together, as well as, weekly dinners, hangouts and adventures.
In Chicago, Kevin has 2 sisters and 5 nephews. Though they are further away, we love spending time with them as often as we can for family events, holidays, or during travel. Sara also has another brother in Chicago, who owns their childhood home and loves animals! He currently has 2 dogs and 2 cats but also fosters and cares for friends’ pets when needed.
We also have amazing friends and cousins all over the country.
We are open to an arrangement that respects your individual needs and wishes with as little or as much connection and communication you are comfortable with. We plan on educating your child with any biological background, history, traditions and culture if it differs from our own. We will always make sure to connect to communities that your child will identify with and surround them with diversity, supportive peers and mentors.

We are a communicative family and believe in talking things out, as well as, learning from our mistakes. We don’t believe in perfect, but we want our child to know right from wrong, good decision making and focusing on becoming the best version of themselves. When times get hard, we lean on each other as a family and never leave issues unresolved.

In Closing:
Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about our family. We are here for you if you need anything, have any additional questions or just want to talk. We wish you all the best!



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