Justin & Jennifer

Dear Birthparent
You are a Blessing! We are so grateful for your selfless act of love by choosing adoption for your baby. As adoptive parents we vow to nurture, guide and support your baby in a loving, caring family environment. We promise to raise your baby in a house full of love, laughter and warmth.

About Justin & Jennifer

Our Family consists of Justin and Jennifer, our Son Preston and our Daughter Lauren. We also have 2 dogs, Hurley who is a 4 year old lab mix and Frankie who is a 2 year old Chihuahua. Our Daughter Lauren was adopted so we definitely understand what an amazing blessing the choice of Adoption is! Preston is our biological son. He is five years old. He is super smart and incredibly laid back. He is very loving and such a sweet boy. Lauren is our little firecracker! She is three years old and was adopted at 5 weeks old. She is such a sweetheart and full of life. Her nickname is "crazy maizey" but we like to call her our beautiful blessing!

Our home and community

We live in a quiet neighborhood. Our home is a four bedroom, three bathroom, two story home. We have a beautiful backyard with grass, a patio and huge trees. We have a trampoline and a huge play set with swings, monkey bars and a big slide. We also live in an amazing school district.

What we do for fun

Jennifer loves going on little weekend trips where we can go horseback riding or to the beach. She also enjoys running 5K's and she is always taking pictures.
Justin's hobbies include snowboarding, video games and going to the movies. He also enjoys spending time working on the house, jumping on the trampoline and rough housing with the kids.
As a family we enjoy getting season passes to the water park every year and spend a lot of our summer days there. We also enjoy visiting the zoo and aquarium. And family time at the park just riding bikes or playing on the swings.

Jennifer- By Justin

Jennifer is a great wife and mother. She takes care of the house and family without missing a beat. She works hard and just keeps going. When I see her taking care of Preston and Lauren it just fills me with joy. She loves her job and I love her for doing it.

Justin- By Jennifer

Justin is a hard worker and an amazing provider. He makes it possible for me to stay home with our kids which was always a dream of mine. He is very laid back and pretty much takes everything in stride. It warms my heart to watch Preston and Lauren's eyes light up every time Justin walks into the room. Preston and Lauren just adore Justin and it's really sweet watching them play and have fun together.

Our thoughts on parenting

We have both been raised with strong morals and values which we would also like to pass on to our children. It is very Important that our children treat others with love and respect. We will pass down the importance of a good education and the value of good communication. We will give them the opportunity for extracurricular activities and sports in hopes of them learning good sportsmanship along with socialization and being a team player. We will also spoil them with all the love they could ever want and we will give them lots of encouragement along the way!

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