Jeramy & Angela

Dear Birthparent,

Thank you for taking the time to get to know who we are as a family. Even though this profile just gives you a small glimpse of who we are, we look forward to set up meetings with you to have further conversations where we can get to know you as an individual as well as you getting to know us on a more personal level. If you were to choose us for placement of your child, we can guarantee that will raise, protect, nurture, and guide your child in the most loving home.

About Jeramy & Angela

We met in 2009 at Antelope Valley Hospital where we both work. Shortly after we became good friends and in 2011 after a simple outing for coffee our friendship blossomed into a relationship, and we began to date. As our love for each other grew, we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together and got married in July 2013. We had a traditional catholic church ceremony. In 2018 our family grew by welcoming our daughter Ava through adoption. We enjoy spending time together by going on walks with our dog Layla, traveling and exploring new placed. We are big foodies, so we are always looking for new places and foods to try. We are also big Disney fans and enjoy going to Disney parks when we have the opportunity. We also enjoy just relaxing at home and having movie nights at home with our family. What makes our relationship unique is that we are a multicultural family that incorporates all each other’s cultures and traditions. We both complement each other; we are a true definition that opposites do attract.

Who is Angela: Angela is a 36 year old and is Registered Nurse. Behind every man there is a strong woman. This is the perfect description of Angela; she has and always will be the rock in our family. Angela has brought so much stability and structure into our family. She talented and successful, who is not afraid to make the most of every moment. Her family comes first in her life, as well to her closest friends who she considers as family. She is a kindhearted loving person who is willing to help anyone in need. Qualities like these make her a successful RN. She enjoys hiking with her friends, dancing through life, doing yoga, and cooking authentic Guatemalan recipes. She is very creative and crafty, from being the family party planner, creating decorations and interior design. She is very comforting and always knows how to cheer anyone up. As a mother, she strives to ensure her child grows up to be humble, kindhearted and always feels loved.

Who is Jeramy: Jeramy is a 39 year old who always brings the light into any room. He is a devoted family man and has such a great sense of humor. His sense of humor always brightens the room, and he always knows how to make not only his family smile but others around him. He is such a successful man who has worked from the bottom to where he is now as a Director of support services at Antelope Valley Hospital. He is the definition of working hard for where you get in life. If you ever need to know anything about Star Wars, this is the person to ask, he is the biggest Star Wars fan. He also geeks out to Marvel, DC and is a gamer. He is the fun one in our family, who our daughter loves to play with all the time.

Our Home: We live in a single story 1600 sq ft home in Palmdale, CA. Our neighborhood is really quiet with wonderful neighbors. It is a 3-bedroom house where each child can have their own room. We have a nice, grassed back yard with a child play area set. We are not far from city parks, schools, stores and family. Even though we are in the desert, we are not far from beaches, city life or beautiful mountain trails.

Parenting: We both believe that the root of how successful a child is and the morals a child bears is due to how they are parented from when they were little. We will continue to raise our children to be respectful of others, caring, confident and yet be humble. We would like to guide our children to set goals, be ambitious, work hard, have good morals and to live life. We will continue to lead by example. We are firm believers that parenting is a privilege and is fundamental in the success of a child.

In Closing: We want to thank you for taking the time in considering us as your child’s adoptive parents. As parents we honor and respect your decisions and relationship choices with your child. We are so grateful for giving us the opportunity to share with you our story

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