Geoff & Luke

Dear Birth Parents,

Thank you for clicking on our profile and considering us to be the parents of your baby. We are two loving prospective dads hoping with all our hearts to adopt a baby. We are so excited to start a family and would provide your precious child with a safe, loving home in sunny Southern California. We would love to hear more about you, and would love the chance to tell you more about ourselves too!

About Geoff & Luke

We started dating when we were living in New York, back in 2012, happily enjoying our 20s in the Big Apple together, having fun with all the city has to offer. The next year Luke was offered a job in Los Angeles, and we decided to take the leap and move together to the other side of the country. It was exciting (and daunting), but 9 years later, we are still here and loving southern California! In 2016 while on vacation in Asia, Luke asked Geoff to marry him (he said “Yes!”), and in 2018 we were married in Joshua Tree here in California. Our friends and families traveled from all over the world to join us—it was truly special.

About Geoff

Geoff is 38 years old. He grew up in the green mountains of Vermont with his parents and older sister. Athletics was a big part of Geoff’s early life. He was involved in gymnastics, downhill skiing, soccer, swimming and tennis, but his main passion was for singing and dancing. He dreamed of being on a Broadway stage, so after graduating high school, Geoff moved to New York City to pursue an undergraduate degree in musical theater from Tisch School of the Arts. Today, he works from home managing the e-commerce business for a fitness company.

He’s very crafty and loves to sew, knit, and crochet. He also enjoys hiking, camping, baking, running, cycling, listening (and singing) to showtunes, and DIY. He’s very excited to make homemade Halloween costumes for his kids!

About Luke

Luke is 38 years old and grew up on the south coast of England with his parents and two older sisters. From an early age he was creative and knew he wanted to be an architect. He studied Architecture in Oxford and Paris for his undergraduate, then in 2007 he moved to New Jersey for Grad School, and has been living in the States ever since. After completing his studies, he moved to New York and was working as an Architect when he met Geoff. Today he works in Los Angeles, designing buildings all over the country.

Luke loves to spend time with our nieces and nephews (of which we have many) and can often be found playing with the kids while the adults talk. He’s happy to be the “silly dad”, making the kids laugh with funny faces or falling over. He also speaks French, which is a skill he hopes to pass on!

Our Home & Family

We own a great house on a palm tree-lined street in a diverse area of Los Angeles. There is a big yard with plenty of space for a baby to grow up, play games with friends, and ride bikes. We have loads of parks near the house and are just a short drive from the beach where we love to go on the weekends to enjoy the sand and sun.

Luke’s family lives in the English countryside, on the south coast. We visit his parents, Lizzie and Graham, once a year in the summer, and pack in all the nieces and nephews too. Every other year Lizzie and Graham come to California to visit us, and occasionally his sisters come too.

Geoff is very close with his family. He speaks with his mother almost every day and video chats with his sister, niece, and nephew every weekend. His whole family is based in Vermont and we see them many times a year. We travel to the East Coast a few times a year and his family comes to visit us in the sun too!

Our Interests

We love the outdoors, and make the most of the hikes and camping around Los Angeles. In the summer we drive a couple of hours into the mountains and camp for the weekend, and in the winter we always try to make it to the slopes for skiing in California or Vermont. Luke loves to ski, and growing up in Vermont, skiing is a big part of Geoff’s family’s life. There’s plenty of kid-sized ski gear waiting for the next member of the family to give it a go, and join us on the slopes. We’re really looking forward to teaching our kids how to make s’mores over a campfire and how to build a snowman!

We love to travel, and each year we try to make it to a new country on our wish list. We usually combine this with a trip to see Luke’s family in England or France. We don’t anticipate traveling a lot with a baby, but are looking forward to showing the world to a new child, and introducing them to other cultures and experiences.

Our Promise

We have always known we wanted to be parents and always knew adoption was the path we wanted to follow to start our family. We have the love and support of our family and friends around us, and we all cannot wait for a new baby to join our family. We cannot imagine how it feels to make an adoption plan for your baby, but we want you to know we have so much love to give and would cherish and adore your baby forever.

With love,

Geoff and Luke

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