Cheryl & Cecilia

Dear Birth Mom,

We’re a family of three living in Los Angeles. We adopted our son Dash at birth in 2015, and we’re excited to expand our family again through adoption. Placing a child for adoption is a huge decision. Not only are you making a plan for your child, but you’re selecting people you’ll have a connection to for life. We’re honored to be part of your story, and we look forward to getting to know the person who will always be our child’s first parent.

About Cheryl & Cecilia

C.C. and Cheryl met in 2006 and bonded over their love of books, movies, culture, and their Southern California community. We got married in Vancouver, Canada, in 2010 and welcomed Dash five years later. He has upended our lives (and sometimes boxes full of toys) in the very best way. Our extended family members—including Dash’s four grandparents, two aunts, and two uncles—all live locally. Spending time with them and our close friends is important to us. We’re looking forward to growing our circle.

About C.C. (by Cheryl)
Before our first date, C.C. warned me “Sometimes I run late” and I thought, Wow, this is a person who knows herself! She’s gotten much more punctual over the years, but her comfort in her own skin is still one of her strongest qualities. In her work as a therapist and her role as a mom, she helps other people grow and accept themselves. She is social and playful—this year she threw me my first surprise birthday party ever! I love watching her and Dash play catch in our backyard and set up our tent when we go camping.

C.C. grew up in Santa Ana, CA, and has folded me and Dash into her large Mexican-American extended family. The Ybarras are laidback and welcoming, and we can’t wait to introduce them to our newest family member. While C.C. comes across as happy-go-lucky, she is also loyal and persistent. Her quiet dedication to our relationship has gotten us through some true challenges, like when I had early-stage breast cancer seven years ago. Everyone deserves a C.C. in their life!

About Cheryl (by C.C.)
Cheryl was raised in Manhattan Beach, CA, by two hardworking parents. Cheryl’s father worked as an optical engineer until he retired; Cheryl’s mother raised Cheryl and her younger sister at home, then worked as a school librarian. Her mother passed away in 2003. This year Cheryl’s family dedicated a grove of redwood trees in Northern California in her mother’s memory.

Cheryl is a language person who loves chatting and asking questions. She is naturally curious about other people’s lives. When we adopted Dash as a newborn, she was a patient and attentive mother, focused on his communication and his needs. Now that Dash is almost five years old, he feels comfortable sharing the toughest parts of his day with Cheryl and laughing about the happiest parts.

About Dash
We were incredibly lucky to meet Dash’s birthmother and be present at his birth. We talk about adoption with him all the time, and he has a book of photographs where he sees himself as an infant with his birthmom. He’s a goofy, enthusiastic kid who loves cars, trains, baseball, cats, gardening, and fixing things.

Dash is very attentive to others and looks forward to a new baby brother or sister. Watching him interact with his one-year-old cousin makes our hearts swell. The other day, when Dash was sitting on the “big” potty, he described how much fun it will be to have “my baby brother or sister on the little potty next to me so we can talk.”

C.C. studied English at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and Clinical Psychology at Antioch University. She is working part-time at an arts college while working toward getting her Marriage and Family Therapy license.

Cheryl studied English at UCLA and CalArts and has published fiction and nonfiction. She has worked at nonprofit organizations, helping formerly incarcerated people get back on their feet and, at her current job, providing writing workshops for students from under-resourced communities.

Both our jobs are family-friendly and allow for flexible hours. When Dash was a baby, he attended a wonderful daycare three days a week, and we took turns staying home with him. We intend to arrange a similar schedule with our new baby.

We live in a California bungalow-style home in Highland Park, a diverse neighborhood in Northeast Los Angeles. Dash loves playing with the girls next door, and we can frequently be found playing “Monster” as we chase them through our back yard. Our two friendly cats usually scoot behind the couch when they hear the thunder of little feet. Our walkable neighborhood is bursting with parks, kid-friendly restaurants, libraries, and cultural centers.

We like exploring with Dash and discovering the world through his eyes, whether we’re camping on Catalina Island or swimming at our local YMCA. In addition to the things we do as a family, each of us has special activities we do with Dash. C.C. loves gardening with him and taking him to Dodger games. Cheryl likes taking him to the library and reading with him at bedtime. He often helps her make pancakes and lemonade.

Personal Values and Parenting
From parenting to our roles in our community, we try to base all our actions in kindness. Even though Dash is still little, he’s already incredibly thoughtful (most of the time). We value honesty, imagination, and diversity, and try to listen to each other’s needs without judgment. We want Dash and our future child to know that our love is unconditional, even as we set clear boundaries regarding behavior. As adults, we have been “sometimes” churchgoers, but we incorporate spirituality into our daily lives.

Adoption runs through our family tree: C.C.’s mom was adopted, and Cheryl has cousins who were adopted. We are building a network of friends with adopted children Dash’s age. All of these relationships are part of openness surrounding adoption, but we especially hope that our future child will have a relationship with his or her birth family. We would be honored to incorporate traditions from your family and culture into our lives.

In Closing
You no doubt have a lot on your mind right now. We’re grateful to you for spending some time imagining how your child might fit into our family.

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