Carlos & Norman

Hello! It’s so nice to meet you. Adoption is one of the most genuine forms of love and sacrifice. We want to recognize you for this courageous act. We can’t imagine the range of emotions you may be feeling right now as you decide what is best for your little one. We hope by sharing our story, our voices will connect with the mother of the child we were meant to share our lives with, and we hope we can share that journey with you.

About Carlos & Norman

Meet us, Norman and Carlos. Also, don’t forget about our lovable dogs, Kevin and Ellie. Married in 2018, we have been together for 5 incredible years. We balance each other’s strengths and weaknesses perfectly. Early on, we knew we were forever. The building blocks of our home and relationship are rooted in love, honesty, and communication. Upon that foundation, we have our caring and compassionate spirits that love to travel, learn, and adventure. We have always wanted children, and we are excited to begin growing our family through adoption. For this reason, we recently moved from Orange County to Ventura County, California, to settle down near family to have additional assistance. We have established ourselves in the community and at work and have continued to grow our love.

Our Hope:

In these pages, we are thrilled to give you a glimpse into our lives, such as who we are as a couple, the importance of family and friends, our home and community, and the life lessons we live by. Even more, we hope to give you comfort in knowing that we will dedicate our lives to provide your baby with a secure, loving, nurturing, and supportive home where we will forever be grateful to you. We sincerely believe family is not defined by our genes, but rather it is built and maintained through love.

Hello, I’m Carlos:

Carlos was born in Central America and is fluent in Spanish. He was raised in California and works full-time from home. He enjoys daily workouts of cycling and yoga. He also focuses on daily meditation and self-care. His passions include baking, reading, musical theater, relaxing with the dogs, and jazz music.
Friends describe me as: fun-loving, compassionate, quick-witted, and a Disney nerd

Favorite way to spend a day off: reading a book while cuddling with the dogs or in the kitchen baking for family and friends

Occupation: Helping our community as a Health and Human Services Analyst

Favorite Place: While eating beignets and listening to the Jazz Band at Disneyland on a Sunday morning

Favorite Tradition: Making magical memories while decorating for the holidays

Hello, I’m Norman:

Norman is Filipino and was born in California. Norman grew up in Ventura County, so he is familiar with the area. When he is not at his day job, he works part-time at a local spin studio, teaching classes. He has taught fitness classes as a hobby for over 10 years. He loves to work out, play video games, play with the dogs, and watch Japanese anime.
Friends describe me as: Funny, thoughtful, and smart

Favorite way to spend a day off: Working out, cleaning, and playing video games

Occupation: Helping people in our community find jobs

Favorite Place: Enjoy the natural beauty, adventures, and delicious food in Hawaii

Favorite Tradition: On land or at sea, I love our family vacations

Our Home:

We own and live in a 4-bedroom suburban home with a relaxing backyard. Our community, which is in an excellent school district, has a small park and a pool. We love taking our dogs for walks around the neighborhood. During our walks, which is our special time, we talk about what we are grateful for and looking forward to that day. This is one of the many ways we connect to celebrate each other daily, not just on special occasions.

Our Dogs:

Kevin, the sweetest and most gentle Goldendoodle, is a 3-year-old. He had the opportunity to attend a month-long training alongside other therapy and emotional support dogs. He loves snuggles, peanut butter, long walks while looking for bunnies, and his favorite Lilo and Stitch pillow. Ellie, Kevin's adorable little half-sister, is almost 1 year old. Taking her cues from Kevin, she is also well trained and sleeps in her crate. She's full of energy and loves to play, especially with little kids. Our sweet girl loves her snacks and enjoys being right next to you. Having been well socialized with people, young and old, both our pups absolutely love their humans.

Family and Friends:

Norman’s mom and dad live in the next town over. His sister, brother-in-law, and two nephews are a 10-minute drive away. When needed, we help with school drop-off, pickup and get the pleasure of attending their award ceremonies and assemblies. Carlos’ chosen family of close friends live close and come to visit with their children often. Our strong tribe of trusty and true family and friends are always present and unwavering in their love and support.

We’re Ready

Made to be dads - We want to be fathers more than anything. The love we have for each other is meant to be shared with a child like yours. We have long dreamed of creating a warm, supportive home where a child will experience a lifetime of enduring and unconditional love while being safe, accepted, and championed to be their true authentic self. We will provide the best possible education to pursue their dreams and find success in whatever they may choose to do. We will make sure this child knows it is ok to make mistakes and that their parents support them and their learning every step of the way. We will provide access to cultural diversity, including art, music, travel, science, books, and sports, so they can benefit from all that the world has to offer. We will always be this child’s most prominent advocates and supporters. Finally, we promise to honor your role as birthmother.

Thank You:

We truly appreciate you for taking the time to get to know us. We hope these pages gave you a glance into our lives. We’re incredibly excited to get to know you and work with you through the adoption process. We know none of this is easy, but if you choose us as adoptive parents and give us the special honor of raising your child, they will be loved unconditionally by our family, grow up in a supportive environment, and be well-taken care of. We will nurture, nourish, and empower your child to always explore their greatness.

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