Brett & Lauren

Hello! We are Lauren + Brett from Los Angeles, California! Thank you for reading our profile and taking the time to get to know us!

We hope you feel a connection with us. We really admire and respect your journey and decisions, and your strength when going through tough times. We trust each woman’s instincts to know what is right for her. We respect and admire your wisdom and bravery. We hope to meet you!

We have close friends and family who are adopted or are adoptive parents and they have beautiful, happy families. We believe that fate can knit families together through adoption and have always known this was how we wanted to grow our family. If someone asked Brett when he was a kid what he wanted to be when he grew up, he would say “a mommy.” He cried when he found out that wasn’t possible! But he’s always known he wanted to be a parent. Everyone who knows Lauren has told her she is maternal and now that their friends and family have had kids, it turns out people were right, and Lauren is a natural! We are so excited to raise a child together and start our family through the gift of adoption!

About Brett & Lauren

We met at work! We were both 22 and assistants at our first jobs in the film industry. Before we even talked, Brett told his family he was going to marry Lauren. Lauren had a crush on Brett, too, but someone told her he had a girlfriend (which wasn’t true!). It was like a romantic comedy where things kept getting messed up accidentally, but we finally went on our first date! Brett took Lauren to Griffith Observatory at night under the stars and they held hands. The romantic comedy had a happy ending - we’ve been together for 13 years! We love driving up the Central Coast of California on weekends. One time on the way home, Brett took Lauren to see a pretty view on a mountain. He surprised her with their favorite cupcakes, lots of thoughtful inside jokes, and her grandparents’ engagement ring! In June 2014, we got married outside of Santa Barbara surrounded by our closest family and friends. Brett surprised Lauren with a video he had secretly taken of their proposal, and Lauren surprised Brett with an ice cream truck in honor of a family tradition. We danced all night and had the best time! We love spending time with our dogs, volunteering, cooking Indian food, reading outside, walking around our neighborhood, and traveling. We can’t wait to go on adventures as a family.

About Lauren, by Lauren
I always loved writing and the arts so I went to college at New York University for screenwriting. After college, I got a job working with documentary filmmakers and felt like I found the perfect career for me. I now own a small business that helps new filmmakers make movies. I even got to go to the Oscars once! Owning my own business means I get to set my own schedule, so I plan to spend most days home with our future child. I like trying new recipes for dinner and dessert, writing, volunteering with a local organization that supports refugees, and collecting handmade pottery. I also love art projects, playing ‘house,’ and decorating cookies! I’m excited to take our future child to explore the best secret spots in Los Angeles that they never show in movies!

About Lauren, by Brett
I fell in love with Lauren when she made me laugh the first time we talked. She’s a true storyteller who makes every conversation entertaining. She also cares deeply about making the world a better place and lives by her values every day. She cares about justice and equality and works to make sure everyone has the same opportunities in life. She inspires both me and others that know her to do so too. She’s very protective of her loved ones (I see this every day with our two pups) and loves planning special surprises. I know our future child will be extremely lucky to have her as a mom.

About Brett, by Brett
I am originally from South Florida. I joined an acting class in middle school and have loved live performances ever since then. In high school, I started making short films with friends. I went to the Film School at Florida State University and moved to Los Angeles after graduation to work in the entertainment business. I love working with comedians behind the scenes and producing videos and events. For the past 10 years, I’ve worked at a large media company and run their podcast network. I’m now running a growing stand-up comedy company. My hobbies include going to plays and comedy shows, playing tennis, volunteering for our neighborhood council, reading, and playing video games. I’m excited to show the world to our future child and help them explore new things and follow their dreams!

About Brett, by Lauren
Everyone who meets Brett realizes he’s one-of-a-kind! He’s very laid back, but he cares a lot about the things that really matter. He is mature and responsible but is still a big kid at heart. He already plans for retirement but also writes goofy songs about our dogs. He is the smartest person I know but he is also very curious and loves learning new things. He’s a wonderful son, brother, friend, and husband, and I know he’ll be one of those extra special, incredible dads. He is amazing with kids and understands how to connect with each one differently based on their age, development stage, and personality. I can’t wait to become a parent with Brett by my side!

Our Home
We live on a quiet, tree-lined street in Los Angeles and have lived here since 2012. Our house is a short walk from the main street with cute shops, restaurants, a farmers market, and the coolest new playground! We can also walk to a nice elementary school. We are close to horseback riding, the Los Angeles Zoo, and many parks. We love being so close to Disneyland and Universal Studios.

Our Pack
We rescued two puppies from the local shelter. SIMON is a 12-year-old Golden Retriever/Chow Mix who has a purple tongue! FRANKLIN is 8 and he’s apparently a Pekingese/Dachshund/Poodle mix but he doesn’t look like any of those breeds.
They are very silly and love attention from people. They make us laugh constantly. Simon loves to nap in our yard. Franklin loves to snuggle. They love treats and will be very happy when our future child drops food on the floor.

Family + Friends
We are both the oldest child! Brett’s mom, Liz, teaches, and his dad, Les, is a lawyer near Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. His sister, Lindsay, her husband, (also named Brett), and their newborn, Kellan, live there too. Kellan is the first baby in the family – we can’t wait for him to have a cousin! Brett’s brother, Michael, and his wife, Beth, live in Colorado. Brett’s family all went to Florida State University and they love watching college sports together.

Lauren’s mom, Julie, lives outside of Chicago and is a teacher. Her brother, David, lives in San Francisco. Lauren’s family loves virtual game nights over Zoom.
We visit Chicago in the summer, Florida in the winter, and our loving extended families and close friends come to visit all year round - especially when it’s -5° in Chicago!

We have very close childhood and college friends. Many of them have kids so we are excited to have cool bonus aunts, uncles, and cousins!

Holiday Traditions
On the 4th of July and New Year’s Eve, we put a mattress on the floor for a slumber party with our dogs so they aren’t scared of the fireworks! We are Jewish and host a fun Hanukkah party every year. We also celebrate Christmas! We get a “living Christmas tree” that is still alive and goes back in the ground to keep growing after the holidays!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us! We hope you feel a connection and can imagine us being great parents to the child you bring into the world. We are looking forward to learning more about you. We are excited to share with your child how loved they have been their whole life, even before they were born. We want them to know what a special, important, and brave person you are.

We promise to…
Teach the importance of laughter, joy, and fun.

Surround them with love, security, and a close-knit family and community.

Show your child unconditional love, patience, and gratitude. We will grow with them and we will grow because of them.

Explore the world, visit beautiful places and experience other cultures.

Make sure your child knows how loved they are, by us and by you.

Encourage them to find their passions in life. We will support all of their dreams and help them to achieve them.

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