Brett & Brittany

Hello there! We are Brett and Brittany from Orange County, California.
We want you to know that we see you, and we commend you for your tremendous bravery in the consideration of placing your child. We hope you’ll give us some time to give you an idea of what life might look like for your child if placed with us. If you read our profile and are interested in getting to know us, please know that we genuinely look forward to getting to know you. After all, you are a huge part of your child’s story, and we are not only genuinely curious to see how this story begins but how we can earn your trust to become part of it.

About Brett & Brittany

Before our relationship, we were two people who lived across the country from one another. Odds said that we could have easily missed each other and never become what we are today. Thankfully, we met. After a year of our long-distance relationship, Brittany decided to stay during her visit to California. So, we could see what we had, and we wanted to explore that further by living with one another. Fast forward to 6 years of happiness, loving, and learning, we bought our first townhome. While we hadn't yet made the official commitment of being engaged, we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, hence the need for a place to call home. In December 2014, Brett had a moment where he questioned why they were waiting and decided he didn't want to waste another moment without being married to Brittany. So, he went and bought a ring, and Brittany said, "yes." On April 29th, 2016, we had the perfect wedding in Kauai. We made promises to each other on that day to love one another and move through life together with respect, honesty, and most importantly, love. We have upheld that promise to this day and will do so for every moment we are here on earth.

About Brittany, by Brett:

If you take equal parts kindness, patience, generosity, and genuineness, you will get Brittany. I have watched this woman mature, and when you think she's reached her highest capability, she will surprise you by showing that there's always room for growth in life.
Brittany's love is unlike anything else in this world; it's like living in a constant embrace of unconditional love. Her passion is comfortable, it's healthy, and its home. There is no more incredible feeling than being near Brittany; that is how I know she will exceed expectations with motherhood.

About Brett, by Brittany:

Brett is a people person who is always out to ensure everyone has what they need. Everyone always tells me how kind he is, and I must agree. Brett wouldn’t hurt a fly, and it’s one of the things I love most about him. Everyone loves Brett as soon as they meet him.
To say I’m lucky is an understatement. I cannot wait for our child to benefit from all of Brett’s compassion and to see Brett continue to grow as a father.

Our Home:

Where we call home is a beautiful 3-bedroom single-family house. We have two living areas, an extended deck, and a spacious backyard with tons of room to play.
Our child will have their room, bathroom, play area, and a space for studying. A room in which the child will feel safe. A bathroom where we can make funny faces while brushing our teeth or have incredible bubble baths. A play area where we will play make-believe. A space for studying where they will learn and grow into the person they want to be.
We look at our home as our safe space. It's where we can create memories of laughter, have conversations that teach lessons, and teach responsibilities such as helping cook dinner or watering plants.
We often talk about bedtime stories by the fireplace or movie nights in the backyard, and we cannot wait. While our house provides a roof over our head, our home is wherever our child will be.

Our Values:

A big and important part of who we are and how we want to raise our children is rooted in our values. While we have a long list of core values, we have identified a few that we hope to instill in our child. We have also taken the time to determine how we will approach communicating and living these values.

• Honesty • Perseverance • Generosity
• Accountability • Self-Respect • Compassion
• Patience • Gratitude • Forgiveness

We hope our child uses this list of values and becomes a happy person who feels safe and supported. A child who has healthy relationships with others and themself. A child with the skills and curiosity to explore the world and anything in front of them. And when all is said and done, a child has achieved and continues to achieve their definition of success.
Below you'll see a list of a few ways how we will incorporate values into their life.
• Practice what we preach, so we always lead as a positive example.
• By teaching the tools, they need to express their feelings.
• Modeling a healthy relationship as their parents
• Help them define what success looks like and be their co-pilot when getting to where they want to go,
• Creating a safe environment where they can seek help no matter the ask or conversation at hand
• By showing them that mistakes occur, we as parents remain calm and let them learn from what happened. Mistakes aren't scary.
• By showing them how to care for others and getting feedback on how that makes the people, they are helping feel.
• Encourage them to continue to learn by growing along with them as parents.

Our Family:

We don't know how to summarize our family in such a condensed space, so we will give it our best shot. However, we would love to speak with you and elaborate on any of the beautiful relationships that we have.
Family is at the center of everything that we do. If one person is succeeding, we lift them up and celebrate. If another is having a hard time, we shower them with love and support. We have always been able to count on them and know that they will be there for us if we reach out for their advice.
Our family is so excited for us to have a little one; they've already started dreaming about their time with them. It makes us so happy to see the support system our child will have. We know they will be treated with kindness and love and constantly encouraged to be themselves.

Our Community:

We are fortunate to live in a beautiful community!
We live on a family-oriented cul-de-sac with over 30 kids ranging in age. There are six firefighters on our street, so we always feel safe. The moms and dads on the road have text message chains where everyone is either scheduling the next get-together or reaching out for something as simple as an ingredient for a recipe.
We recognize that this living situation is rare, and we are so excited at the prospect of raising our child on this street with built-in best friends for neighbors.
Holidays are a big deal in our community. We have a potluck, haunted maze for Halloween and get over 500 trick-or-treaters! Once we transition into November, our street becomes as close to a winter wonderland in Southern California as you can get - our very own candy-cane lane! During December, you'll see carolers going door-to-door, a parade of golf carts and bikes decked out with lights and music driving around spreading holiday cheer, and even a sighting of the Grinch on an e-bike.
While the holidays come and go, the activity level on the street always remains. There's something for everyone, from block parties to street-wide water balloon fights or bounce houses.
However, one aspect, the best one if you ask us, of our community that we haven't mentioned yet. Grandma and Grandpa live two streets over and are already talking about how they can't wait to come over and soak up some play time, have sleepovers, and have endless belly laughs. We can see it now; Grandma will be saying, "Oh, I was just in the area and figured I would stop by!"

Our Hopes for the Future:

We know that we don’t understand the magnitude of the decisions you are making right now, and we can’t capture with words the amount of respect we have for you during this time. What we can do is proclaim our promises to you should you decide to place your child with us.
We are people who thrive on respect and kindness to others, no matter the situations they encounter. Our love and admiration would be extended to you and your child. Your child would grow up knowing your passion and bravery as you prepared to bring them into this world.
We are also people who believe in protecting and advocating on a child's behalf until they can speak for themselves. Your child's story would be theirs to tell and theirs alone. First, they will grow up with honesty surrounding their timeline. Then, when they decide to share their story with others or look into their history before us, we will be there on the sidelines, supporting them each step.
Above all, we promise your child a lifetime of unconditional love and comfort. You have our word.
Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents. If you want to hear more, we would love to answer any questions you might have.

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