Josh & Simone

Dear Birthparent,
This is surely a challenging time for you. Please know that we truly respect and admire your bravery. As potential adoptive parents we promise to provide a loving home for your baby. We are grateful for the opportunity to tell you a little about ourselves.

About Josh & Simone

We are Simone and Josh and live in Huntington Beach, CA. We have two dogs, Cash an 11 year old border collie and Quinn a 5 year old mutt. We are kind and caring people that love adventure and a good laugh. Simone went to undergrad college in Santa Cruz, CA and got her masters in Hawaii. She is a certified public accountant (CPA) and works in accounting. Josh went to college at Clemson University in South Carolina where he played Rugby. He now works as a sales manager. Having a family and bringing a child into our house is all we have ever wanted. We both love kids and are excited to be able to share our lives special someone.

Our Home and Community:
Our home is filled with love, delicious meals, and lots of friends and family. We live in a cozy single story home close to the beach. Our neighborhood is quiet and full of families and kids. There are two parks walking distance and all the schools are top rated. Our home has plenty of room for a child with a beautiful front and backyard to play. Simone grew up a few blocks away and parents still live nearby. We often ride bikes along the beach boardwalk and enjoy a meal at one of the many restaurants downtown.

Interests and Hobbies:
We love music and going to concerts. Josh is a long time grateful dead fan and enjoys listening to all types of music. Simone plays the piano and still takes weekly lessons. This is one thing she is really looking forward to sharing with a child. We are also both every active and enjoy being outdoors. Josh lived in Humboldt for 3 years prior to meeting Simone and is very comfortable in the woods. Since we live at the beach we find ourselves most regularly there taking walks along the sand and playing Frisbee with our dog. We also love to travel (who doesn’t). We try and visit one new place every year. We look forward to being able to show a child the world. We have enjoyed many road trips throughout California and have had the opportunity to travel to far places such as Asian, Africa, Europe and Central and South America. 

Josh is a born father, ALL kids gravitate to him because he is funny and has positive energy. He is 6’4 and for some reason kids love to climb on him. Simone is kind and sweet and loves to play board games and read to children. Between the two of us we have 8 nieces and nephews ranging from 1 years old to 12. Simone’s brother and wife have 6 children and live a few blocks away in Huntington Beach and Josh’s brother and wife have 2 children and live in Austin Texas. It’s important to teach a child values, with some main one’s being: respect, patients, honesty, confidence, and unconditional love. We believe that everyone is equal and we all have our own strengths and weaknesses. We also have a high value in education and will working hard to ensure your child goes to college. It’s also not all about school and work, we believe important to let kids be kids. Having fun and being silly is equally as important as spending time learning and preparing for the real world

We are totally open to any kind of relationship you are open to. We are very easy going and get along with EVERYONE. You would always be able to join us for an outing or event such as a birthday. If you only want photo updates we can do that too. However, I think you will like us and want to be part of our family.

We promise to raise your child with unconditional love and to support them at every stage of life. We will encourage their curious mind and give them the best education possible. We will laugh and have fun with them. We will comfort them when they are scared. We promise you that your child will know how eternally grateful we are to you and how much we appreciate your trust in us with this greatest of gifts. You will be loved and spoken of with the utmost respect and gratitude.


Simone + Josh

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